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Air Pollution Episode Alert Criteria

March 2014

The following provides revised air quality thresholds that serve as alert levels in the "Air Pollution Episode Communication Handbook," which is used by the Department to implement 6 NYCRR Part 207, Control Measures For Air Pollution Episode. This rule requires owners of a significant air contamination source to submit a proposed episode action plan to the Department within 90 days of a request by the Department. These plans must contain detailed steps which will be taken by the air contamination source owner to reduce air contaminant emissions during each stage of an air pollution episode. This plan is also intended to implement the requirements of Clean Air Act Section 110(a)(2)(G), Emergency Powers and Contingency Plans, as they apply to New York State. This is addressed through the incorporation of the federal Air Quality Index and associated Significant Harm Levels for the criteria pollutants into this plan as alert levels for pollution episodes.

Additionally, this document contains a list of contacts and responsibilities in the event of an air pollution episode including NYSDEC central office and regional contacts as well as State Emergency Management Office and local emergency contacts.

Air Pollution Episode Criteria and Contacts New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

1.0 Introduction:

Air pollution episodes can occur whenever there are stagnating meteorological conditions or air pollution concentrations become excessively high. The Bureaus of Air Quality Assurance, Stationary Sources, and Air Quality Surveillance, and the Impact Assessment and Meteorology Section provide important information and data gathering services during an air pollution episode. Control measures may have to be implemented. These measures will be determined by the Division of Air Resources and carried out by the field staff through the Regional Director and local governmental agencies. An Air Pollution Episode Control Group will coordinate the Environmental Conservation Department's actions and establish a communications system which will provide an orderly means of coordinating and communicating departmental air pollution control efforts and instructions during air pollution episodes.

2.0 Air Pollution Episode Group:

Title Name Office Phone
Coordinator: Mr. D. Shaw (518) 402-8452
1st Alternate: Ms. K. Dalton (518) 402-8401
2nd Alternate: Ms. E. Bartlett (518) 402-8401

The Coordinator will call the group together to carry out its assigned duties during an air pollution episode. The Coordinator will also notify the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2 Office, in New York City, the New York Independent System Operator and DEC Region 2 office who will notify the Interstate Environmental Commission of the episode status. A secretary will be assigned to the Coordinator and group during the episode period.

Title Name Office Phone
Secretary: Ms. D. Donohue (518) 402-8403
Communications: Ms. E. DeSantis (518) 402-8000

2.1 Bureau of Air Quality Assurance

Title Name Office Phone
Coordinator: Ms. K. Dalton (518) 402-8401
1st Alternate: Ms. E. Bartlett (518) 402-8401

This Bureau documents how well Division of Air Resources program elements are performed relative to established procedures, regulations, and laws, and provides the information that serves as the basis for determining what, if any, corrective actions need to be instituted.

2.2 Bureau of Air Quality Surveillance

Title Name Office Phone
Coordinator: Mr. B. Lay (518) 402-8508
1st Alternate: Mr. S. Mo (518) 402-8508
2nd Alternate: Mr. D. Felton (518) 402-8508

Responsible for continuous air monitoring operations, data validity and interpretation.

2.3 Impact Assessment and Meteorology Section

Title Name Office Phone
Coordinator: Mr. G. Playford (518) 402-8403
1st Alternate: Mr. R. Gaza (518) 402-8403
2nd Alternate: Mr. J. Kent (518) 402-8403

The section is responsible for all weather forecasting/interpretation and issuances of Air Quality Health Advisories throughout the entire state including the metropolitan New York City area. The meteorologist will notify the coordinator when an Air Pollution Episode is about to be issued as well as its termination. Staff will act as a liaison for SEMO and the National Weather Service with respect to meteorological issues and provide forecast information during a state emergency. They are also responsible for a meteorological data summary after the episode termination.

2.4 Bureau of Stationary Sources (BOSS)

Title Name Office Phone
Coordinator: Mr. R. Stanton (518) 402-8403
1st Alternate: Mr. M. Cronin (518) 402-8403
2nd Alternate: Mr. E. Wade (518) 402-8403

Responsible for recommendations of control actions for each stage of an episode. Responsible for special abatement action recommendations; technical control liaison with field air pollution control engineers; and for keeping the coordinator informed. Responsible for preparation of Commissioner's episode abatement orders for each episode stage and termination. Responsible for summarizing control actions after episode termination. Responsible for keeping a field notification log and phone notification of the field.

The BOSS representative will cover the following topics as he notifies each region:

Notification of initiation, status, termination and any status change of the episode.

Summary of meteorological conditions.

Summary of pollution levels - monitoring data.

Commissioner's orders issued and press releases on enforcement of rules and regulations.

Instructs the field to implement their episode procedures. Give other directions as required.

Receive assessment of the local situation from the field.

The BOSS representative will telephone the regional contacts to advise and communicate information concerning the air pollution episode.

2.5 Office of Public Information

Title Name Office Phone
Coordinator: Mr. E. DeSantis (518) 402-8000
1st Alternate: Ms. P. Constantakes (518) 402-8000

Responsible for the issuance of appropriate press releases and other public information items deemed necessary by the group and/or the Commissioner of Environmental Conservation during and at the termination of the episode period.

2.6 Contact Outside of Normal Work Hours

Telephone contact outside of normal business hours should take place through the Department's 24-hour telephone hotline at 1-844-DEC-ECOS (1-844-332-3267).

2.7 Operations Log:

It will be necessary for the episode group to keep an "Air Pollution Episode Operations Log". Each member should "log in" major events which show the status of notification, action, and completion of major responsibility. This log will serve as a major source of information of "what has happened" for each member of the group, alternates and others. Also, this log will be the official record of what occurred during an episode and, as such, could become legal evidence if the need arises.

3.0 Director - Division of Air Resources

Title Name Office Phone
Coordinator: Mr. D. Shaw (518) 402-8452
1st Alternate: Mr. S. Flint (518) 402-8451

The Division of Air Resources' Director should be the first person informed by the control group. He is responsible for informing the Department's Executive staff.

4.0 Regional Director - Field Functions

Each Regional Director will prepare and maintain a current and up-to-date air pollution episode communications and operations plan similar to the Central Office plan. The field communications shall list the principals and two alternates each including their responsibilities and office and home phones. The list shall include local government officials (such as designated local health department personnel), as needed to implement air pollution episode plans. The plan shall be such that all appropriate people can be notified day or night and on holidays and weekends. A list of significant sources in each region is required with names and phone numbers of the person to be contacted for each source.

The plan should include a method of recording that all regional responsibilities and notifications are carried out during each stage.

A copy of the field Air Pollution Episode Communications Plan from each region shall be sent to the APEG Coordinator for approval. The region shall inform the Coordinator of any change in their regional communication plan.

Regional Office Representatives (Office phone)

Region 1
Merlange Genece (631) 444-0205
Deepak Ramrakhiani (631) 444-0217
Shaun Snee (631) 444-0214

Region 2
Sam Lieblich (718) 482-4944
Thomas John (718) 482-4993
Robert Bolt (718) 482-4025

Region 3
George Sweikert (845) 256-3185
Tom Miller (New Paltz) (845) 256-3149
Maria Antoniou (White Plains) (914) 428-2505

Region 4
Donald Spencer (518) 357-2350
Frank Riedy (518) 357-2356
Gary McPherson (518) 357-2045

Region 5
James Coutant (518) 623-1212
Steve Barlow (518) 623-1216
Mike Sundberg (518) 623-1231

Region 6
Tom Morgan (315) 785-2521
Craig Weil (Utica) (315) 793-2525
Robert Jacobs (315) 785-6457

Region 7
Reggie Parker (315) 426-7552
Dave Weaver (315) 426-7558
Tom Elter (315) 426-7552

Region 8
Tom Marriott (585) 226-5304
Tom Wickerham (585) 226-5319
Dan Walsh (585) 226-5317

Region 9
Al Carlacci (716) 847-7130
Mike Emery (716) 851-7073
Marcia Ladiana (716) 847-7130


State Emergency Management Office
1220 Washington Avenue
Suite 101, Building 22
Albany, NY 12226-2251

State Emergency Coordination Center - Staffed 24 Hrs (518) 292-2200

Map of NYS showing location of emergency management office regions

Region I
Phone: (631) 952-6322
Fax: (631) 952-3364
Bronx, Kings, Nassau, New York, Queens, Richmond, Suffolk
Region II
Phone: (845) 454-0430
Fax: (845) 454-4620
Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, Westchester
Region III
Phone: (518) 793-6646
Fax: (518) 793-6647
Albany, Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, St. Lawrence, Warren, Washington
Region IV
Phone: (315) 438-8907
Fax: (315) 438-3350
Broome, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga, Otsego, Oswego, Tioga, Tompkins
Region V
Phone: (315) 331-4880
Fax: (315) 331-3934
Allegany, Cattaraugus, Cayuga, Chautauqua, Chemung, Erie, Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Niagara, Ontario, Orleans, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne, Wyoming, Yates


County Emergency Managers phone and fax numbers, January 2014

Albany County Critical Incident Emergency Management Unit (Region 3)
58 Verda Avenue
P.O. Box A
New Scotland, New York, 12041
Layton, John
(W): (518) 720-8025
(FAX): (518) 233-7513

Allegany County Office Of Emergency Services (Region 5)
4884 State Route 19
Belmont, New York, 14813
Luckey, Jeff
(W): (585) 268-5290
(FAX): (585) 268-9695

Broome County Office of Emergency Services (Region 4)
Public Safety Facility
153 Lt. VanWinkle Drive
Binghamton (city), New York, 13905
Chellis, Brett
(W): (607) 778-1208
(FAX): (607) 778-1204

Cattaraugus County Office of Emergency Services (Region 5)
303 Court Street
Little Valley (village), New York, 14755-1092
Baker, Christopher
(W): (716) 938-2240
(FAX): (716) 938-9170

Cayuga County Office of Emergency Management (Region 5)
County Office Building
160 Genesee Street
Auburn, New York, 13021
Dahl, Brian
(W): (315) 255-1161
(E): (FAX):
(315) 253-1551

Chautauqua County Office of Emergency Services (Region 5)
Office of Emergency Services
2 Academy Street Suite A
Room 106
Mayville, New York, 14757-1007
Leone Jr., Julius
(W): (716) 753-4341
(FAX): (716) 753-4363

Chemung County Emergency Management Office (Region 5)
103 Washington Street
POB 588
Elmira (city), New York, 14902-0588
Card, Kristin
(W): (607) 737-2095
(FAX): (607) 737-2098
Cicora, Mark
(W): (607) 737-2928
(FAX): (607) 737-2098
Smith, Michael
(W): (607) 737-2096
(FAX): (607) 737-2098

Chenango County Office of Emergency Management (Region 4)
Chenango County Public Safety Facility
279 County Road 46
Norwich (city), New York, 13815
Beckwith, Matthew
(W): (607) 337-1862
(FAX): (607) 334-2003

Clinton County Emergency Services Office (Region 3)
16 Emergency Services Drive
Plattsburgh (city), New York, 12903
Day, Eric
(W): (518) 565-4791
(FAX): (518) 566-1202

Columbia County Office of Emergency Management (Region 2)
85 Industrial Tract
Hudson, New York, 12534
Black, Bill
(W): (518) 766-6689
(FAX): (518) 828-9088

Cortland County Office of Fire & Emergency Management (Region 4)
60 Central Avenue
Cortland, New York, 13045
DeRusso, Brenda
(W): (607) 753-5065
(FAX): (607) 756-8457
Roman, Scott
(W): (607) 753-5064
(FAX): (607) 756-8457

Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response (Region 2)
392 Creek Road
Poughkeepsie (city), New York, 12601
Davidson, Ken
(W): (845) 486-2080
(FAX): (845) 486-3998

Erie County Emergency Services Department (Region 5)
45 Elm Street
Buffalo, New York, 14203
Butcher, Greg
(W): (716) 858-2944
(FAX): (716) 858-7937
Neaverth Jr., Daniel
(W): (716) 858-4909

Essex County Office of Emergency Services (Region 3)
Essex County Office of Emergency Services
702 Stowersville Road, P.O. Box 30
Lewis, New York, 12950
Jaquish, Donald
(W): (518) 873-3900
(FAX): (518) 873-3965

Franklin County Emergency Services (Region 3)
55 Bare Hill Road
Malone (town), New York, 12953
Provost, Rick
(W): (518) 483-2580
(FAX): 518 481-6395

Fulton County Civil Defense (Region 3)
County Complex
2714 State Highway 29
Johnstown (city), New York, 12095
Polmateer, Allan
(W): (518) 736-5858
(FAX): (518) 762-4938

Genesee County Office of Emergency Management Services (Region 5)
7690 State Street
Batavia (city), New York, 14020
Yaeger, Timothy
(W): (585) 344-0078
(FAX): (585) 344-8535

Greene County Office of Emergency Services (Region 2)
25 Volunteer Drive
Cairo, New York, 12413
Farrell, John
(W): (518) 622-3643
(FAX): (518) 622-0572

Hamilton County Office of Emergency Services (Region 3)
PO Box 44
Lake Pleasant, New York, 12108
Purdy, Don
(W): (518) 548-6223

Herkimer County Office of Emergency Management (Region 4)
71 Reservoir Road
Herkimer (town), New York, 13350
Vandawalker, Robert A
(W): (315) 867-1212
(FAX): (315) 867-5873

Jefferson County Office of Fire & Emergency Management (Region 4)
Public Safety Bldg
753 Waterman Drive
Watertown (city), New York, 13601
Plummer, Joseph
(W): (315) 786-2654
(FAX): 315 786-2775

Lewis County Office of Emergency Management (Region 4)
P.O. Box 233
Outer Stowe St.
Lowville (town), New York, 13367-0233
Martin, James
(W): (315) 376-5234
(FAX): (315) 376-5293

Livingston County Emergency Management Services (Region 5)
3360 Gypsy Lane
Mount Morris (town), New York, 14510
Niedermaier, Kevin, P
(W): (585) 243-7160
(FAX): (585) 243-7162

Madison County Office
of Emergency Preparedness (Region 4)
POB 577
County Office Building
Wampsville, New York, 13163
DeFrancisco, Joseph
(W): (315) 366-2258
(FAX): (315) 366-2452

Monroe County Emergency Management Office (Region 5)
1190 Scottsville Road, Suite 200
Rochester, New York, 14624
Baker, Aaron
(W): (585) 753-3852
Rion, Fred
(W): (585) 753-3810

Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management (Region 3)
64 Broadway
PO Box 1500
Fonda, New York, 12068-1500
Smith, Jeffery
(W): (518) 853-4011
(FAX): (518) 853-4714

Nassau County Office of Emergency Management (Region 1)
Morrelly Homeland Security Center
510 Grumman Road West
Bethpage, New York, 11714
Bruckbauer, John
(W): (516) 573-0636
Craft, Craig
(W): (516) 573-0636
Delaney, Thomas
(W): (516) 573-0636
(FAX): (516) 573-9658

New York City Office of Emergency Management (Region 1)
165 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, New York, 11201
(W): (718) 422-8700

Niagara County Office of Emergency Services (Region 5)
5574 Niagara Street Ext.
POB 496
Lockport (city), New York, 14095
Schultz, Jonathan
(W): (716) 438-3171
(FAX): (716) 438-3173

Oneida County Emergency Services Office (Region 4)
120 Base Road
Oriskany, New York, 13424
Revere, Kevin
(W): (315) 765-2526
(FAX): (315) 765-2535

Onondaga County Department of Emergency Management (Region 4)
421 Montgomery
Syracuse, New York, 13202
Wisely, Kevin
(W): (315) 435-2525

Ontario County Emergency Management Office (Region 5)
2914 County Rd. 48
Canandaigua (city), New York, 14424
Harloff, Jeffrey
(W): (585) 396-4310
(FAX): (585) 396-4583

Orange County Department of Emergency Services (Region 2)
22 Wells Farm Road
Goshen (town), New York, 10924
Leary, Seamus
(W): (845) 615-0479
(FAX): (845) 294-8927

Orleans County Emergency Management Office (Region 5)
14064 West County House Road
Albion (town), New York, 14411
Wagner, Paul
(W): (585) 589-4414
(FAX): (585) 589-7671

Oswego County Office of Emergency Management (Region 4)
200 North Second Street
Fulton, New York, 13069
Currier, Dale A.
(W): (315) 591-9154

Otsego County Office of Emergency Services (Region 4)
County Office Building
197 Main Street
Cooperstown, New York, 13326
Ritton, Kevin
(W): (607) 547-4227
(FAX): 607 547-4377

Putnam County Office of Emergency Services (Region 2)
112 Old Route Six
Carmel, New York, 10512
Lipton, Robert
(W): (845) 808-4000

Rensselaer County Bureau of Public Safety (Region 3)
4000 Main St.
Troy, New York, 12181-0389
Paslow, Kelly
(W): (518) 266-7676
(FAX): (518) 270-4164

Rockland County Office of Fire and Emergency Services (Region 2)
35 Fireman's Memorial Drive
Pomona, New York, 10907
Wren, Gordon
(W): (845) 364-8800
(FAX): (845) 364-8961

Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services (Region 3)
25 West High Street
Ballston Spa, New York, 12020
Tremblay, Edward
(W): (518) 885-2232
(FAX): (518) 884-4707

Schenectady County Office of Emergency Management (Region 3)
531 Liberty Street
Schenectady, New York, 12305
LaViolette, Mark
(W): (518) 370-3113

Schoharie County Emergency Management Office (Region 3)
2783 State Route 7
Cobleskill (town), New York, 12043
Neary, Kevin
(W): (518) 221-2214

Schuyler County Office of Emergency Management (Region 5)
Michael J. Maloney Public Safety Building
106 10th Street
Watkins Glen, New York, 14891
Kennedy, William
(W): (607) 535-8200
(FAX): (607) 535-8201

Seneca County Office of Emergency Management (Region 5)
1 DiPronio Drive
Waterloo (town), New York, 13165
McCann, Charles, F
(W): (315) 539-1756
(FAX): (315) 539-9150
Taylor, Melissa
(W): (315) 539-1757

St. Lawrence County Office of Emergency Services (Region 3)
Public Safety Complex
48 Court St.
Canton (town), New York, 13617
Zimmerman, Keith
(W): (315) 379-2240
(FAX): (315) 379-0681

Steuben County Office of Emergency Services (Region 5)
6979 Rumsey Street, Ext.
Bath (town), New York
Marshall, Timothy
(W): (607) 664-2910
(FAX): (607) 776-3334

Suffolk County Fire, Rescue & Emergency Services (Region 1)
30 East Avenue Bldg.
Yaphank, New York, 11980-0127
Williams, Joseph F.
(W): (631) 852-4850
(FAX): (631) 852-4861

Sullivan County Office of Emergency Management/Homeland Security (Region 2)
POB 5012
10 North Street, County Government Center
Monticello, New York, 12786
Martinkovic, Richard
(W): (845) 807-0508
(FAX): (845) 807-0510

Tioga County Office of Emergency Management (Region 4)
103 Corporate Drive
Owego (town), New York, 13827
LeCount, Richard
(W): (607) 687-2023
(FAX): (607) 687-6755

Tompkins County Department of Emergency Response (Region 4)
92 Brown Rd.
Ithaca (city), New York, 14850
Shurtleff, Lee
(W): (607) 257-3888
(FAX): (607) 266-8035

Ulster County Emergency Management, Office of (Region 2)
238 Golden Hill Lane
Kingston (city), New York, 12401
Snyder, Arthur, R
(W): (845) 331-7000
(FAX): (845) 331-1738

Warren County Emergency Services, Office of (Region 3)
1340 State Route 9
Lake George (town), New York, 12845
LaFlure, Brian
(W): (518) 761-6537
(FAX): (518) 761-6402

Washington County Department of Public Safety (Region 3)
Washington County Municipal Center
383 Broadway
Fort Edward (town), New York, 12828
Cook, William
(W): (518) 747-7520
(FAX): (518) 746-2219
Pease, Jonathan
(W): (518) 747-7520

Wayne County Emergency Management Office (Region 5)
7336 Route 31
Lyons (town), New York, 14489
Bastedo, George
(W): (315) 946-5664
(FAX): (315) 946-9721

Westchester County Office of Emergency Management (Region 2)
200 Bradhurst Avenue
Hawthorne, New York, 10532
Cullen, John
(W): (914) 231-1688
(FAX): 914 231-1622
DelBorgo, Dennis
(W): (914) 864-5453
(FAX): (914) 813-4173
Wacha, Jennifer
(W): (914) 231-1686

Wyoming County Emergency Management Office (Region 5)
County Public Safety Bldg
151 N. Main, Suite 221
Warsaw (town), New York, 14569
Santoro, Anthony
(W): (585) 786-8866

Yates County Office of Emergency Management (Region 5)
227 Main St.
Penn Yan, New York, 14527
Caves, Diane
(W): (315) 536-3000
(FAX): (315) 536-5191
Winslow, Brian
(W): (315) 536-3000
(FAX): 315 536-5191

Criteria for Air Pollution Episode
Pollutant Averaging
Standard Forecast Stage I AQI
Stage II AQI
Emergency AQI
PM2.5* 24 hr
35 36-hour Stagnation
w/at least 12 hours
Expectation of
sunshine and
140.5-210.4 210.5-280.4 >280.4
PM10** 24 hr
150 355-424 425-504 >504
Ozone** 1hr
0.12 0.205-0.404 0.405-0.504 >0.504
Ozone** 8hr
0.075 0.116-0.374 --- ---
CO** 1 hr
35 15.5-30.4 30.5-40.4 >40.4
SO2** 3 hr
0.5 0.305-0.604 0.605-0.804 >0.804
NO2** 1 hr
0.080-0.100*** 0.65-1.24 1.25-1.64 >1.64

* From "Under consideration" at:
** The rest are from (see last page):
*** Draft NO2 NAAQS Proposal (74FR34404), July 15, 2009 (p.34466):

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