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11.0 Comprehensive Periodic Implementation Plan Revisions

40 CFR Section 51.308(f) requires states to revise their regional haze implementation plan and submit a plan revision to the EPA by July 31, 2018 and every ten years thereafter. In accordance with the requirements listed in Section 51.308(f) of the federal rule for regional haze, New York commits to revising and submitting this regional haze implementation plan by July 31, 2018 and every ten years thereafter as required.

In addition, 40 CFR Section 51.308(g) requires periodic reports on progress being made toward the reasonable progress goals established for each mandatory Class I area. These reports will be based on reasonable progress evaluations from states with Class I areas to which New York sources are contributory.

In accordance with the requirements listed in Section 51.308(g) of the federal rule for regional haze, New York commits to submitting this report to the EPA every five years following the initial submittal of this SIP. This report will be in the form of a SIP revision.

All requirements listed in Section 40 CFR 51.308(g) that apply to states that do not contain a Class I area shall be addressed in the SIP revision for reasonable progress. The requirements listed in Section 51.308(g) include the following:

  • A description of the implementation status;
  • Summary of emission reductions achieved thus far;
  • Class I state assessments of changes in visibility conditions at each Class I area affected by sources in New York (current vs. baseline) based on five year averages of annual values for 20 percent best and worst days;
  • An analysis of emission changes over the five-year period;
  • Analysis of any significant anthropogenic emissions changes that have impeded progress within New York State;
  • An assessment of the sufficiency of this implementation plan to meet RPGs;

New York commits to continue consulting with the FLMs on the implementation of Section 51.308 and this SIP, including development and review of SIP revisions and five-year progress reports, and on the implementation of other programs affecting the impairment of visibility in Class I areas. Finally, New York commits to meet the required periodic updates of the emission inventory as required under 51.308(d)(4)(v).

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