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Submittal of Compliance Certifications and Monitoring Reports

Printable version (PDF) (1.3 MB, 16 pgs)

Electronic Reporting

The Division of Air Resources has developed a web-based system, the Air Compliance & Emissions (ACE) application, to submit reports electronically. ACE is available for submittal of annual compliance certifications and semi-annual monitoring reports. There are two methods to electronically submit these reports: on-screen direct data entry, or mass data (template/spreadsheet) upload. To use either method, the user must apply for and be granted authority to edit/submit the reports.

Title V facilities were sent a copy of DAR-11 "Electronic Reporting for Air Facilities" (PDF). Attachment #1 of the policy is the application form facilities must submit in order to report electronically. The application form requests facilities to identify the responsible official (RO) for the facility (i.e., the person who signs the report), data entry editors and data entry reviewers. Once the application has been approved, user IDs, passwords, and directions for logging into ACE will be sent to the individuals listed on the application. Notes: the log-in process for submitting emission inventory statements is identical to the process for submitting compliance reports. To access the ACE application, the use of Internet Explorer 7 or FireFox 3 is recommended. No other browser has been successfully tested to work properly with ACE. DEC cannot provide support to users in any other browser except those recommended.

ACE will populate the facilities to which the user has rights to add, edit or review data. A user ID and password must be applied for before accessing ACE. See DAR-11 (PDF) for the application form.

The initial screen will look like this:

Screen shot of electronic reporting system log-in screen

Facility/Compliance Certification Selection

  • To start work on a report, click on the DEC ID number for the facility.

Home Page

Initial screen of the ACE e-reporting system

Facility Information

  • Clicking on a permit number gives a listing of information about that facility (location, permits, list of people who can work on the reports/statements for the facility).

System screen listing facility information

Report Listing

  • A listing of reports associated with a particular permit will come up.
  • The due data, reporting period and status for each report is listed.
  • Clicking on Action takes you to that report. (There are four types of actions: start, continue, view, and amend.)

System screen of report listings


  • Selecting a report will give a list of conditions to be certified, reported, etc.
  • Clicking on the condition link, brings you that particular condition. You fill out the Requirement synopsis, Compliance method description or Non-Applicability Description.
  • Clicking on Deviation, takes you to the Deviation pop up.

System screen for condition listing

Condition Listing

System screen of condition information

Condition Information


  • To add a deviation, click on Deviations
  • Select the type (Emissions exceedance or Recordkeeping)
  • Give the Beginning and End Date of the Deviation and the date of the written report
  • Describe the deviation, the cause and the remedy

System screen of deviations

Download Template

It will be possible to download a template for the annual compliance certifications and monitoring reports. The format of the template is comma separated values (csv). This format can be opened using any spreadsheet program (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Lotus, etc). The Download Template window looks like this:

screen shot of download template

Win Zip Window

The template is two sheets; one for the compliance conditions and one for any deviations associated with those conditions. It looks like this:

screen shot of Win Zip Window

Filling out the Template in csv

This is what the template looks like. The condition numbers on the left hand column correspond to the conditions in the permit.

screen shot of filling out the template in csv

Deviations Template

This is what the deviations template looks like

screen shot of deviations template

Starting Submission

To start the submission of an item electronically, the responsible official will be taken to this page. This is what this first page looks like:

screen shot of starting submission

Submission 2nd Step

The Responsible Official will be e-mailed a 'token'. This token is an alphanumeric line that can be copied from the e-mail and pasted on the box marked "Submission Key"

screen shot of submission 2nd step

screen shot of submission confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is there a deadline for submittal of the electronic reporting application?
    No; the facility can decide the method of submittal they want to pursue.
  • Once we select a method, can it be changed?
    Yes; just notify DAR which method you are switching to.
  • Can there be more than one RO?
    Yes; whoever is qualified to be an RO (as defined by 6 NYCRR 201-2.1(b)(28), can be listed. Only one RO has to sign the item being submitted.