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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has added a link to a translation service developed by Microsoft Inc., entitled Bing Translator, as a convenience to visitors to the DEC website who speak languages other than English.

Additional information can be found at DEC's Language Assistance Page.

Public Outreach for Proposed Amendment to 6 NYCRR Part 380

Request for Comments

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) is planning to amend its Rules and Regulations for Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Radioactive Materials, 6 NYCRR Part 380. The amendment is prompted by the need for the Department to incorporate six federal rule changes that have occurred from 1991 through 2008, and will also serve to clarify and improve the existing regulations. The amendment will include: several minor changes to definitions; an expansion of criteria for the disposal of specific wastes (the so-called biomedical exemption) to include biodegradable animal bedding; changes to requirements for reporting incidents; prohibit the deliberate submission of inaccurate or incomplete information; and add two radionuclides, N-13 and O-15, to the tables of effluent concentrations. In addition, the amendment will add a ten millirem constraint on airborne emissions, a requirement which has been implemented for several years through Part 380 Radiation Control Permit conditions.