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Final Report October 2009

Table of Contents

Final Report (executive summary and report only) (PDF 373.2kb, 102 pgs.)

Figures (PDF 2.6mb, 42 pgs.)

Tables (PDF 914.7kb, 29 pgs.)


Appendix A - Recommendations to CACWNY for Optimizing the Personal Air Monitoring (PDF 17.5kb, 2 pgs.)

Appendix B - Benzene Cancer Risk Estimates (PDF 16.6kb, 2 pgs.)

Appendix C - Press Releases, News Articles, and Fact Sheets (PDF 357.4kb, 36pgs)

Appendix D - Noncancer and Cancer Risk "Tox Tree" Diagrams (PDF 48.2kb, 2 pgs.)

Appendix E - Laboratory Analyses Quality Assurance (PDF 89.3kb, 14 pgs.)

Appendix F - Development of Emission Inventory for Modeling (PDF 62.4kb, 19 pgs.)

Appendix G - Box Plots for Category B and C Air Toxics (PDF 91.7kb, 24 pgs.)

Appendix H - Derivation of AGCs for Aldehyde Compounds (PDF 106.7kb, 5 pgs.)

Appendix I - Regional Air Impact Modeling Initiative (RAIMI) (PDF 195.0kb, 4 pgs.)

Appendix J - Evaluation of the Regional Air Impact Modeling Initiative (RAIMI) Modeling Tool (PDF 12.6kb, 2 pgs.)

Appendix K - Residual Risk Assessment (§112(f)) performed for the Coke Oven National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutant (NESHAP) (PDF 643.8kb, 17 pgs.)

Appendix L - Model to Monitor Comparison (PDF 71.5kb, 11 pgs.)

Appendix M - Polar Plot Graphs for All Category B and C Air Contaminants in Units of μg/m3 (PDF 1.92mb, 33 pgs.)

Appendix N - Expanded Wind Directionality Analyses for those Contaminants Below NYSDEC's AGCs (PDF 757.2kb, 9 pgs.)

Appendix O - Wind Roses for the Highest and Lowest 10% Combined Concentration Days (PDF 1.5mb, 9 pgs.)

Appendix P - Expanded Analyses of Wind Speeds and Temperature/Seasonality Influences on Measured Air Contaminant Concentrations (PDF 747.9kb, 24 pgs.)

Appendix Q - Expanded Analyses of Day of the Week/Weekday Versus Weekend Trends for Measured Air Contaminant Concentrations and Individual Measured Concentration Trends including Correlating Contaminants (PDF 896.6kb, 43 pgs.)

Appendix R - Expanded Analyses of SO2 and CO Criteria Pollutants (PDF 270.2 kb, 8 pgs.)

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