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Frequently Asked Questions for Hazardous Waste Reporting

When must the Hazardous Waste Report be filed?

The report must be submitted to the Department by March 1.

Where should the report be mailed?

The report should be mailed to;

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation
Resource Management Section
625 Broadway, 12th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-7252

How do I report a Lab Pack?

A Lab Pack is generally reported on several GM forms. First separate out the Acute Hazardous Waste and the Non Acute Hazardous waste. Put all of the Acute waste on one GM form. For the Non Acute waste, separate out any large quantities of hazardous waste carrying the same waste codes and Form codes and place each group on separate GM forms. Once this is done, place all of the rest of the Lab Pack on a single GM Form.

I had a One Time Cleanup of Hazardous Waste, do I need to file?

Yes, a one time cleanup is NOT exempt from filing and a Hazardous Waste Report must be completed

I shipped my waste to Canada and the facility doesn't have an EPA Identification Number, how is this reported?

In the section 3 of the GM form, in place of the EPA Identification Number of the facility where you shipped your waste, enter 'FC0000000000'

I have several wastes to report, where can I get additional copies of the GM or WR form?

You may either photocopy the blank forms or download additional forms the NYSDEC web site. Be sure to include your EPA Identification Number at the top of each page.

Part of my waste I generate is managed on site and part is shipped off site, do I need two GM forms?

No, in the quantity generated field, enter the total amount generated, in the on site management field in Section 2, enter the amount managed on site, and in Section 3, enter the amount shipped off site.

I hired a private contractor to coordinate all the hazardous waste activities on my property. Who is responsible for filing the hazardous waste report?

The person or persons who hired the private contractor is responsible for filing the report. Although, the private contractor may assist you in performing this task, they are not responsible.

I received a TP550 tax bill or a regulatory fee and I don't understand why.

If you have received a tax bill for hazardous waste generation, or a regulatory fee bill, please refer all of your questions to 518-402-9711. For more information on these please check out their information page.

Why is there no longer a Regulatory Fee Form to file with the report?

Starting with the Hazardous Waste Reports for calendar year 2010, the Regulatory Fees are calculated on the quantities of waste reported directly on your Hazardous Waste Report. For more information see the Hazardous Waste Assessments and Fees web page.

Why can't I see the secret question when submitting my report electronically?

When filing your report electronically on the ARM website, your internet browser is blocking the screen containing the question from opening up. Once you click on the 'submit' button, you should get a popup screen saying 'this site is using scripts'. First click the 'temporarily allow' button on that screen and then click the 'submit' button again. The screen with the secret question should now open up

Where do I find the "Declaration for Electronic Filing" form?

At the ARM website, on the gray navigation bar across the top of the screen, click "Reports". The fifth item down on the list is the form that must be printed, signed and mailed after submitting the report.

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