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Detailed instructions for Completing Form WR

Be certain that your EPA Identification Number is at the top of each page

View a Sample Completed WR Form (PDF) - (82 kb)

A separate Form WR section must be filled out for each hazardous waste received from each off-site source. Hazardous waste from the same site may be aggregated as long as a single form code describes the physical form, see (Form Code) (PDF) (150 Kb) or chemical composition and all of the waste is managed in a single process system (Management Method Code) (PDF) (150 Kb). There is room for three such listings on a single WR page. If your site received hazardous waste from more than three off site sources, additional WR Forms are required.

Box A - Description of Hazardous Waste - Provide a short narrative on exactly what the waste is. It should include the general type of waste, the description of the source and the generic chemical name. Do not use the generic DOT description that is entered on the hazardous waste manifest form. A solvent used for cleaning might be described as follows; 'Ignitable spent solvent from cleaning machinery in tool production, it is primarily mineral spirits.'

Box B - EPA Hazardous Waste Codes - Enter the EPA hazardous waste codes that apply to the material being described on this GM form. EPA waste codes can be found on the manifest form if the hazardous waste was shipped off site. For a complete list of EPA waste codes please refer to 6NYCRR Part 371. If the waste is characterized by more than one waste code, enter up to five in the subsequent boxes. If none of the waste codes apply, leave this entire section blank.

Box C - State Hazardous Waste Codes - Enter the State hazardous waste codes that apply to the material being described on this GM form. Please note that there are only State hazardous waste codes for PCB waste. The list of State hazardous waste codes for PCB's can be found at 6NYCRR Part 371.

Box D - Off site source EPA ID Number - Enter the 12-digit EPA Identification Number (EPA ID) of the off-site source from which the waste was received. In Waste 2, check the box to indicate if the same EPA ID as is reported in Waste 1; in Waste 3, check the box to indicate if the same EPA ID as is reported in Waste 2. If the waste is being received from a conditionally exempt small quantity generator that does not posses an EPA Identification Number, enter 'CESQG' predeeded by the State prefix of the generator's location.(i.e., A CESQG from New York would be designated as 'NYCESQG', a CESQG from New Jersey would be designated as 'NJCESQG', a CESQG from Massachusetts would be designated as 'MACESQG') Waste from all CESQG's from a separate State having the same Form Code and Management Method may be combined as one entry. If you are receiving waste from a foreign country (i.e.. Canada), enter FC0000000000.

Box E - Quantity Received - Enter the total quantity of the hazardous waste described in Box A received from the off site EPA ID Number from Box D. If multiple shipments of this material was received from the same off site EPA ID Number, they may be combined as one entry.

Box F - UOM (Unit of Measure) Enter the UOM code (PDF) (150 Kb) for the quantity reported in Box E. If you are using a UOM of 5, 6 or 7, you must enter a density. Enter Enter density in either pounds per gallon (lbs/gal) or specific gravity (sg), and check the appropriate box. If density is unknown, enter 1.00 in the density space and check the box marked "sg". Be careful not to put 8.34 and then check the "sg" box. This would translate into a volumetric measurement of 69.55 lbs/gal. Conversely do not put 1.00 and then check lbs/gal. This would translate into a volumetric measurement of only 1 lb/gal.

Box G - Form Code - Enter the Form Code (PDF) (150 Kb) that best corresponds to the physical or chemical composition of the hazardous waste being described on this page. Keep in mind, only one Form Code can be used to describe the waste in each WR Section. Separate waste having different Form Codes would require multiple entries.

Box H = Management Method Code - Enter the Management Method Code (PDF) (150Kb) indicating how the waste was managed when it was received at your facility. This code should be indicated in Box 19 of the Uniform Hazardous Manifest form used to ship the waste. Only one Management Method Code is allowed per section. Multiple Management Codes even for the same type of waste requires a separate entry.

Page Number - Place a page number in lower right hand corner of each WR form completed. Start with Page 1 of the total number of WR pages completed.