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Detailed Instructions for Completing the Site ID Form Box 10

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Box 10A - Type of Regulated Waste Activity

1 - Generator of Hazardous Waste
- Indicate your current or normal hazardous waste activity at the time of completion of the report. If the report is being completed for a one-time event and no waste will be generated again at the site, then indicate 'N'. If you indicate 'Y', you must pick one of the three categories a, b or c. Check the 'Y'/'N' boxes under other generator activities as appropriate. The first question asking if you are an importer of hazardous waste from another country. The second question asks if you generate mixed hazardous and radioactive waste.

2 - Transporter of Hazardous Waste - Indicate whether you transport hazardous waste keeping in mind that the transportation of hazardous waste in New York State almost always requires a Part 364 permit to do so.

3 - Treater, Storer, or Disposer of Hazardous Waste (at your site) - Do you treat, store over 90 days, or dispose of hazardous waste at your site. Be aware that a hazardous waste management permit is required for this type of activity.

4 - Recycler of Hazardous Waste (at your site) - Do you recycle hazardous waste at your facility. Many types of recycling do not require a permit. (i.e. Solvent Recycling in an on site distillation unit would fall into this category).

5 -Exempt Boiler and/or Industrial Furnace - Indicate 'Y' next to 'a' if your site burns small quantities of hazardous waste in an on site boiler or industrial furnace according to the conditions in 6 NYCRR Part 374-1, and a 'Y' next to 'b' if your site processes hazardous waste in a smelting, melting or refining furnace solely for metals recovery. This process is described more fully in 6 NYCRR Part 374-1. 6 -Underground Injection Control - If you generate, treat, store, or dispose of hazardous waste and there is a hazardous waste underground injection well located at your site, mark Yes. The Federal regulations for owners or operators of underground injection wells are found in 40 CFR Part 148. State regulations are found in 6 NYCRR Part 750 through 757. 7 - Receives Hazardous Waste from Off-site - If you received hazardous waste from another site, whether this waste was received as a commercial transaction or waste received from a restricted group of off-site generators, mark Yes.

Box 10B - Universal Waste Activities - The State regulations for universal wastes are found at 6NYCRR Part 374-3. More information can be found there.

1 - Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste - Indicate 'Y' if your site manages over 5000 kg (11000 lbs) of the universal waste listed below. This amount is an accumulative amount and not an individual amount for each universal waste listed. If you indicate 'Y', place a check mark next to the individual universal wastes that are included in the total.

2 - Destination facility for Universal Waste - Indicate 'Y' if your site is a destination facility for Universal Waste as defined in 6NYCRR Part 374-3. Please note a hazardous waste management permit may be required for this activity.

Box 10C - Used Oil Activities - The State regulations for used oil management are found in 6 NYCRR Part 374-2 and 360-14. More information on Used Oil can be found on the NYSDEC Website under Special Wastes.

1 - Used Oil Transporter - Indicate 'Y' if you transport or own/or operate a used oil transfer facility and indicate which.

2 - Used oil Processor/Re-Refiner - Indicate 'Y' if your site processes or re-refines used oil and indicate which.

3 - Off-Specification Used Oil Burner - Indicate 'Y' if you burn off-specification used oil.

4 - Used Oil fuel Marketer - Indicate 'Y' if you market used oil fuel and mark each of the activities that apply.