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Detailed Instructions for Completing the Site ID Form Box 1 - 9

Be certain to include your EPA Identification number on the top of each page

View a Sample Completed Site ID Form (PDF, 155 KB)

Box 1 - Site EPA Identification Number - Enter your site's 12 digit EPA Identification number. Please be careful when entering this number. It is the key identifier for your site. Identification numbers are site specific, they belong to a piece of property where the waste is being generated. If your business moves, you cannot take this number with you. A new identification number must be secured for the new location if that location does not already have one. If you would like to view detailed information regarding your EPA identification number, you can view it at the Federal Envirofacts at: At the website, enter your EPA ID number in the Facility Selection, Facility Identification Option box, Be sure the Facility Identification section has Handler ID selected. At the bottom of the screen, select Search. If you need to update any information pertaining to your ID number or require a new ID number, An 8700-12 form must be completed and sent to the USEPA, 290 Broadway, New York, NY 10007-1866 (212)-637-4106).This form can be downloaded from their website at

Box 2 - Site Name - Enter you company's name, this would be the main entity completing the report. Be careful not to use project names such as a road, bridge or unidentifiable structures (i.e. water tower).

Box 3 - Site Location - Enter the location where the facility is located. Do not use PO Boxes or a business office mailing address. Be sure to include the NY County Code (PDF, 150 KB).

Box 4 - Land Type - Check the appropriate box for the land type where the waste is being generated, Is it a Private piece of property?, Is the property owned by a County or Municipality? Is it owned by the State or Federal Government?

Box 5 - North American Industry Classification System Code (NAICS)- Enter at least one 6 digit NAICS code which best describes the main nature of the business filling the report. For assistance in determining your NAICS code, please visit the NAICS website at Click on the 'Find Your NAICS Code", type in a few key words describing your business in the keyword search box. Keep the number of words to a minimum, using one or two words. Select search, and choose from the list, the NAICS code that best describes your business.

Box 6 - Site Mailing Address - Enter the mailing address you wish to have any correspondence regarding the report sent to. This can be different than the site location. Be careful not to use project sites, vacant lots, or temporary work locations. Under "State" and "Zip code", please indicate the 'Country' for the mailing address. If United States, use 'USA' or 'United States'. This address will be used for the mailing of report booklets in subsequent years.

Box 7 - Site Contact Person - Enter the name, title, address and phone number of the person with knowledge of the information contained in the report. If NYSDEC staff has a question about the report, this is the person they would contact. If an e-mail address is entered, an e-mail would be sent to this person.

Box 8 - Owner of the site - Enter the owner of the piece of property where the waste activities are occurring. Indicate the date they became owner and the owner type. Next, include the complete owner address, including the Country of the owner.

Box 9 - Operator of the Site - Enter the site's Operator. This would be the company, person or group responsible for the waste activities at the site. Enter the date this entity became the operator. This is the date the entity become responsible for the waste activities at this site. (Do Not Leave This Date Blank). Enter the Operator Type: indicate whether the operator is Private, Government, Municipal, etc.