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Types of Forms

The RCRA hazardous waste report consists of three separate forms;

Site ID Form (PDF) (168 KB) (Site Identification Form): This form describes detailed information about the site including site location, mailing address, contact person and phone, owner/operator information, and information on regulated waste activities.

Form GM (PDF) (104 KB) (Generation and Management Form): This form describes detailed information about each waste generated at the site including a description, the source and form of the waste, quantities and volumes, and the disposition of the waste whether disposed on site or shipped off site. A GM form is filled out for each separate waste generated at the site. One waste would be considered separate from another if it has a different Source code or a different Form code. The codes describing the different sources and different forms can be found in the back of the instruction booklet. Hazardous waste reported includes, hazardous waste generated during the reporting year and hazardous waste shipped off site whether generated during or before the reporting year, or received from off site and subsequently shipped off site.

Form WR (PDF) (101 KB) (Waste Received Form): This form describes any hazardous waste received by the site during the reporting year whether the waste was managed on site or subsequently shipped off site.

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