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What waste is included in your hazardous waste report?

Only include waste that would be considered hazardous in the State of New York which is RCRA hazardous waste and PCB waste as found in 6NYCRR Part 371. This would include hazardous waste from a production process, service activity, equipment decommissioning, spill cleanup or remedial activity. This includes waste being generated as part of a one-time cleanup activity. A one-time cleanup activity is not exempt. Waste shipped to or received from a foreign country must also be reported. Do not include non-hazardous waste or waste that is hazardous only in another State. Just because your waste is shipped to another State on a hazardous waste manifest form, it does not automatically make the waste hazardous in New York State. If you are uncertain if your waste meets the definition of being hazardous in New York, please contact us. Before reporting your wastewater being treated on site, be certain that the wastewater is considered hazardous before entering your treatment process. Not all wastewaters being treated for discharge would be considered hazardous.