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2010 Section 303(d) List Public Review and Comment

The DRAFT New York State 2010 Section 303(d) List of Impaired/TMDL Waters (PDF, 252 Kb) is currently available for public review and comment. Public comment on the list will be accepted for 45 days, through February 26, 2010. Additional companion documents to assist with the review of the 2010 List are also available. These include a List of Other Impaired Waters NOT Listed Because a TMDL is Not Necessary (PDF, 99 Kb), and a List of 2010 Delisted Waters (PDF, 86 Kb). Comments on the NYS Consolidated Assessment and Listing Methodologies (CALM), which outlines the process for monitoring and assessing the waters of the state and developing the Section 303(d) List, will also be accepted during the public comment period.

Submitting Comments

Public comments regarding the Section 303(d) List and/or the Assessment and Listing Methodologies should be mailed to Jeff Myers of the Bureau of Watershed Assessment and Management at 625 Broadway, 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-3502, or emailed to Jeff Myers.

In addition to availability on this website, copies of the Draft New York State 2010 Section 303(d) List and/or the revised Assessment and Listing Methodologies can also be requested by contacting the NYSDEC Bureau of Watershed Assessment and Management by mail at the address above or by phone at 518-402-8179. An electronic version of these documents can also be requested by sending an email to Jeff Myers.


The Federal Clean Water Act requires states to periodically assess and report on the quality of waters in their state. Section 303(d) of the Act also requires states to identify Impaired Waters, where specific designated uses are not fully supported. For these Impaired Waters, states must consider the development of a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) or other more appropriate strategy to reduce the input of the specific pollutant(s) that restrict waterbody uses, in order to restore and protect such uses. Additionally, the state is required to maintain a Consolidated Assessment and Listing Methodology (CALM) to outline its process for monitoring and assessing the quality of New York State waters. Two components of the CALM are also available for comment. The Assessment Methodology (PDF, 520 Kb) outlines how waters are evaluated by NYSDEC to determine the degree of use support, and the Listing Methodology (PDF, 363 Kb) outlines the criteria NYSDEC uses to determine what waters are to be included on the Section 303(d) List. As noted above, NYSDEC will accept public comment on these documents throughout the public comment period that ends on February 26, 2010.

Additional information regarding the NYSDEC Water Quality Assessment Program, including the Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List assessments, Section 305(b) water quality reporting, and Section 303(d) Listing can be found on the NYSDEC website.