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FMC Middleport Facility

The RCRA Facility Investigation Report for Operable Unit #9 (Former Research and Development Property) (44 page PDF, 2.08 MB) is available for public review and comment. The comment period is from March 3, 2014 through April 2, 2014.

Corrective Actions to Address Environmental Contamination

Front entrance to the FMC Middleport facility
Front entrance to the FMC Middleport facility

FMC's Middleport Facility is a pesticide formulation and packaging plant that formerly manufactured arsenic-based and other pesticide products. As a result of past manufacturing operations and waste disposal practices at this facility, chemical releases have occurred at the site that have affected sediment, surface water and groundwater at the facility's property and also in adjacent off-site areas.

Cleanup to address environmental contamination at this site is being addressed by DEC's Resource Conservation and Recovery (RCRA) Corrective Action Program, in cooperation with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the New York State Department of Health (DOH). These three cooperating agencies are referred to as "the Agencies" for convenience in project documents.

Public Involvement Opportunities

To help provide the public with information about Corrective Action activities relate to the FMC facility, DEC has established a public information web page. The links located in the right column of this page (see "Related Links") offer access to documents related to the RCRA Corrective Action activities at the FMC Middleport facility, as well as to maps of the study area. The right hand column of this page also provides a link (see "Links Leaving DEC's website") to the Middleport Community Involvement Group's (MCIG's) web page where further information/documents regarding FMC environmental matters are available.

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Site Location

Aerial View of the FMC plant and surrounding study area
Aerial view of FMC Middleport Facility

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