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Abraham Wing Elementary School

Spill Response Program Site Number 1009793

Leaking Underground Storage Tank removed from elementary school
Failed underground storage tank

Site Description

An underground storage tank failure at the Abraham Wing Elementary School in Glens Falls caused the subsurface release of an estimated 500 gallons of fuel oil. The Glens Falls fire company responded to the report and called in the spill to DEC's spill hotline after oil started bubbling up in a neighbor's basement sump and staff began noticing petroleum odors in the school.


Following is summary of DEC staff activities on the first day of the spill:

Workers establishing a soil boring
Drill rig establishing a soil boring
  • Contacted the on-scene fire chief to review circumstances and assure DEC would take over management of the issues;
  • Contacted staff in DEC's Division of Water to discuss issues with the local waste water treatment plant;
  • Contacted New York State Department of Health (DOH) to have their indoor air personnel assist in assessment and recommendations to the school;
  • Directed emergency response personnel and developed a strategy for gaining control over the sump and indoor air issues that would arise as a result of the spill;
  • Met with school personnel to review the circumstances, inspect the school facility and develop the anticipated response plan, including considerations for maintaining a safe environment while keeping the school open;
  • Coordinated emergency response to initiate a suite of emergency remedial activities including tank removal and source excavation, establishing a basement oil recovery, groundwater and indoor air treatment system, conducting a drilling investigation, and establishing a sub surface vapor mitigation system in the school; and
  • Communicated real time status updates to the press office and management chain to facilitate response to press and public inquiries.

Over the first two weeks of the spill response, the 1,000 gallon underground storage tank and excavated contaminated soil were removed from the school. In addition, a groundwater treatment and vapor mitigation system was established at the impacted residence and a vapor mitigation system was established in the school. By March of 2011, a multi-well groundwater treatment system was established on the school property to gain further control of and remediate the oil plume. The site is in operation and maintenance status.

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