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NYMA SIP Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Acronyms and Abbreviations

1.0 Introduction

A. Background

B. NYMA Inspection & Maintenance Program History

C. Upstate 53 County Inspection & Maintenance Program History

D. SIP Revision Format

2.0 Applicability

3.0 Enhanced I/M Performance Standard

A. Background

B. Mobile 6 Methodology

C. Rate Of Progress / Reasonable Further Progress Demonstration

D. NYVIP (Obd Ii) I/M Program Effectiveness Demonstration

E. NYTEST and NYVIP Odometer Reading Study

F. NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission

4.0 Network Type & Program Evaluation

5.0 Adequate Tools and Resources

6.0 Test Frequency and Convenience

7.0 Vehicle Coverage

8.0 Test Procedures and Standards

9.0 Test Equipment

10.0 Quality Assurance & Quality Control

11.0 Waivers and Time Extensions

12.0 Motorist Compliance Enforcement

13.0 Motorist Compliance Enforcement Oversight

14.0 Enforce Against Contractors, Stations, & Inspectors

15.0 Data Collection

16.0 Data Analysis and Reporting

17.0 Inspector Training & Licensing or Certification

18.0 Public Information & Consumer Protection

19.0 Improving Repair Effectiveness

20.0 Compliance Recall Provisions

21.0 On-Road Testing

22.0 State Implementation Plan Submissions & Deadlines

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