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Permit Information and Assistance

Get the assistance that your business needs to obtain a permit or find out the status of a pending permit application. These resources will help you determine if you need a permit and what regulatory guidelines you should be aware of.

Need a Permit?

An active gas well
DEC can help you understand the
permitting requirements for all phases of
a project

Building, drilling, transporting, or mining? You may need a permit. DEC offers a multitude of tools that can help you navigate the permitting process.

Where's My Permit?

Search DEC's permit applications data to find out the status of a pending permit application.

Find the Environmental Data You Need

DEC provides searchable databases and geodata resources that can be valuable in finding the right site and running a business.

Free Compliance Assistance

Get free, confidential technical assistance from the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program offered by the Environmental Facilities Corporation (see links leaving DEC's website at right). They can help your small business comply with state and federal air emission requirements. Toll-free hotline, on-site technical assistance, and seminars are available to help bring your business into compliance.

Environmental Ombudsman

If your business is subject to an enforcement action by NYSDEC and you have questions, complaints or disputes regarding that action, contact the Small Business Environmental Ombudsman (SBEO) at 1-877-247-2329 (see offsite link at right) SBEO is a business advocacy program offered by Empire State Development. All assistance is free and confidential.

Land-use Mapper

A detail of a map generated by the Environmental Resource Mapper
The Environmental Resource Mapper is an
interactive mapping tool that allows you to
create your own customized maps.

Check out the Environmental Resource Mapper to identify our state's natural resources and to determine if lands are state protected. Obtain data on wetlands, waterways, endangered species, and habitats.