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Municipal Landfill Gas Management Program

I. Program Summary:

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) provides financial assistance for Municipal Landfill Gas Management projects that promote improved air quality at solid waste landfills and encourage energy recovery from landfill gas.

II. Program Funding:

Funding for this program is provided from the Environmental Quality Bond Act of 1986, the Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act of 1996, and the Environmental Protection Fund. (Note: This program shares funding with the Landfill Closure program.)

III. Match Requirement:

State assistance grants will provide a maximum of 50% of total eligible project costs, or $2 million, whichever is less.

IV. Program Eligibility Requirements/Restrictions:

The facility must be a non-hazardous solid waste landfill and it must be municipally owned or operated. The landfill may be active or inactive and only landfill gas management costs incurred after April 1, 1993 are eligible for grant reimbursement. The active landfill gas system must meet current landfill gas management requirements.

Grants are awarded in the order in which applications are received by DEC's Division of Materials Management located in Albany, New York. Projects must meet the eligibility criteria summarized above. Awards are made once a year to as many projects as can be reached with available funds. Unfunded projects will remain on a DEC waiting list until additional funds become available.

DEC Policy DSHM-SW-04-16 - Landfill Gas Collection and Treatment Systems provides a complete description of the Landfill Gas Management Program.

V. Application Due Date:

Applications are accepted continuously.

VI. How To Apply:

For further information about the Municipal Landfill Gas Management state assistance program, contact the NYSDEC Bureau of Permitting and Planning.