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Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facility Data

2011 Annual Report Data
Facility Name
Landfill Gas
for Energy
(cubic feet)
Generated (megawatt-hrs)
High BTU
Produced (cubic feet)
Condensate Generated
Auburn Landfill Gas Electric Generator's Facility Auburn Landfill No. 2 209,360,000 10,597 898
Brookhaven Landfill Gas Recovery Facility Brookhaven Waste Management Facility 134,351,330 4,434 150,000
Broome County LGRF Broome County Landfill 467,270,000 20,512 21,853
Chautauqua County Landfill Chautauqua County Landfill 1,167,022,485 56,435 2,970,558
Clinton County Landfill Gas to Energy Facility Clinton County Landfill 1,159,077,240 46,099
Delaware County SWMC - Landfill Gas Recovery System Delaware County Landfill 60,092,100 2,523 10,644
Fortistar Methane Group Albany Rapp Road Waste Management Facility


High Acres Power Production Plant High Acres West. Exp. Landfill 1,794,333,000 77,716 3,013,730
Hudson Valley Community College LFG Troy Sanitary Landfill 9,763,072 444 1,078
Hyland Landfill Gas to Energy Plant Hyland Landfill 791,964,970 37,466
IES Colonie Colonie Sanitary Landfill 700,305,188 31,999
IES Fulton Fulton County Landfill 288,598,895 13,271
Innovative/DANC Development Authority of the North Country Landfill 832,036,241 39,052 4,759,282
Mill Seat Renewable Energy Facility Mill Seat Landfill 1,183,148,000 55,456 2,301,642
Model City Energy Modern Landfill 1,945,016,000 94,267
Monroe-Livingston Power Production Plant Monroe-Livingston Landfill 256,152,115 10,994 62,700
GSF Fresh Kills Gas Plant
NYCDOS Fresh Kills Landfill 2,188,408,000 1,157,804,000 153,785
Oceanside Landfill Gas Recovery Facility Oceanside Landfill 73,186,000 3,222 1,170
Seneca Energy II, LLC - Ontario Landfill Gas to Energy Facility Ontario County Landfill 1,233,630,773 52,943
Seneca Energy, Inc. Seneca Meadows Landfill 3,249,789,199 144,406 985,841
Steuben Bath Landfill LFGTE Facility Bath Landfill 434,686,000 20,006 771,217
WM Canastota Renewable Energy Facility Madison County West Side Extension Landfill 179,435,000 7,904 9,000
WM Renewable Energy Chaffee Landfill Power Production Plant Chaffee Landfill 1,189,533,000 55,655 24,840
Totals: 19,961,084,067 806,060 1,157,804,000 15,238,238

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