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Region 7 - Environmental Remediation Project Information

Calendar of All Scheduled Public Meetings and Comment Periods - for sites in DEC's cleanup programs in Region 7.

Sites Listed By County


Former Canada Dry Plant - 704050
The Proposed Remedial Action Plan (PRAP) for the Former Canada Dry Plant was released February 2013. The PRAP is available in two parts: Text and Figures 1 - 5A (PDF) (3.8 MB) and Figures 5B - 8 (PDF) (4.2 MB). The site is located in Endicott, Broome County, New York.

NYSEG - Binghamton Court St. MGP, Operable Unit Number 01 - 704031

The NYSEG Binghamton Court St. MGP site (OU 01) Record of Decision (PDF) (31 Page, 1.9 MB) was issued in March 2013. The site is located in Binghamton, Broome County, New York.

Former IBM Endicott Facility, Village of Endicott - 704014

Proposed Remedial Action Plan - Former IBM Endicott Facility Operable Unit Number 3 (PDF) (3 MB) - Southern Area and Off-Site Capture Zone A. Issued February 2015.

Village of Endicott Environmental Investigations Information Center - Documents and information relating to the Environmental Cleanup Activities and Investigations in and around the Village of Endicott, Broome County including the IBM Corp. - Endicott Facility (Site Number 704014).

Dover Electronics Site - 704026

The Dover Electronics Proposed Record of Decision Amendment (PDF) (2 MB) was issued January 2014.



Norwich Manufactured Gas Plant-709011

Proposed Record of Decision Amendment, NYSEG Norwich Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site- Feb. 2015 (PDF), (97 KB, 14 pages)



Utica St. / Hamilton Site - E727011

The Utica St. / Hamilton Site Record of Decision (PDF) (30 page, 800 KB) was issued March 2014. This Environmental Restoration Project is located in Hamilton, NY.

210 Sconondoa Street - E727012

The 210 Sconondoa Street Site Record of Decision (PDF) (29 page, 560 KB) was issued in March 2013. This Environmental Restoration Program site is located in Oneida, NY.


Stauffer Management - Skaneateles Falls Site - 734010

The Stauffer Management - Skaneateles Falls Site, Operable Units 5 through 8, Record of Decision Amendment (PDF) (45 page, 2.4 MB) was issued in March 2013. The site is located in Skaneateles, Onondaga County.

Bloody Brook Site - V00501

Cleanup Action to Begin at Voluntary Cleanup Site located in the Town of Salina.

Crouse Hinds Landfills - 734004

The Crouse-Hinds Landfill Site consists of two inactive landfills in the Town of Salina and the City of Syracuse. A Record of Decision for the Crouse Hinds Landfill was completed in March 2011. Crouse Hinds Record of Decision Part I (PDF) (3.1 MB, 35 pages) and Crouse Hinds Record of Decision Part II (PDF) (3.4 MB, 32 pages).

Niagara Mohawk Hiawatha Boulevard Former MGP Site - 734059

Niagara Mohawk- Syracuse Erie Blvd MGP Site, Proposed Remedial Action Plan- Feb. 2015 (PDF) (31 pages, 2.2 MB)

The Niagara Mohawk Hiawatha Boulevard Former MGP Record of Decision (PDF) (Site No. 734059) (59 pages, 325 KB, text only) was signed on March 31, 2010. To view document appendices, figures, and tables, please visit the locations listed in the fact sheet. Also available are the Fact Sheet and Proposed Remedial Action Plan (PDF) (29 page, 338 kB) and Feasibility Study (PDF) (314 pages, 4.9 MB) for the site.

LCP Chemical Site - 734049

LCP Bridge Street Site (OU-1) 2008-2013 Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report, July 2014
LCP OU-1 Final Cover Design Report - March 2014

LCP Bridge Street Site- 2012 Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report - November 2013
LCP OU-1 2012 Annual Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report - November 2013
LCP OU-1 2011 Annual Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report - February 2013
LCP-OU-2 Remedial Design Report- January 2013 (PDF) (29 pages, 304 KB) Appendices, figures and drawings can be found at the Onondaga Lake Repositories.
LCP- OU-2 Explanation of Significant Difference Fact Sheet - January 2013 (PDF) (6 pages, 224 kB)
LCP-OU-1 Annual Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring Report (2010) - Jan 2013 (PDF) (43 pages, 2.5 mB)
LCP OU-2 Draft Design Report - October 2012
LCP OU1 Proposed Soil Removal West Ditch, Wetland A and Dredge Spoils Area - May 2011 (PDF) - Part 1 (9 pages, 2 MB) and Part 2 (10 pages, 3.8 MB)
LCP Bridge Street, Operable Unit 2, NAKOH Proposed Soil Removal Work Plan - July 2011 (PDF)
(9 pages, 4.2 MB)
LCP Chemical, Operable Unit No. 2 - State Superfund (Site No. 734049)

Onondaga Lake Site - 734030

Onondaga Lake Superfund Site (734030), Syracuse, New York. General information about the Onondaga Lake and the clean up of the lake and environs.

General Motors - Inland Fisher Guide Site - 734057

Crucible Site- 734078

Geddes Brook Ninemile Creek

Semet Ponds

Wastebed B/Harbor Brook Site-734075

Wastebeds 1 through 8 - 734081

Town of Salina Landfill Site - 734036

Town of Salina Landfill Proposed Plan for Remedy Modification, May 2010 (PDF) (36 pages, 5 MB). This file includes the plan and the fact sheet. Also available is the PowerPoint presentation for the Salina Landfill (PDF) (19 pages, 1.2 MB)


68 West First Street (Former Flexo Wire Site)- E738040

A fact sheet regarding the proposed remedy for the 68 First Street (Former Flexo Wire) site (PDF) (7 pages, 132 KB) was issued in August 2013. Remedy proposed for municipal brownfield site, public comment period and public meeting are included in the fact sheet.



Clinton West Plaza - 755015

Information relating to Clinton West Plaza located in Ithaca, New York.