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Genesee River WI/PWL

The most recent Genesee River Basin Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List Report was issued in March 2003. This report includes an overall evaluation of water quality in the Genesee River Basin, as well as assessments for specific waterbody segments in the basin.

Genesee River Basin

You may chose to view/download the entire report as one large file (pdf, 1.07 MB), or in order to ease viewing/downloading, the information in this report has been segmented into separate smaller files. Use the index below to find, view and download the portion (or portions) of the report of interest to you.

The next review and update of the water quality assessments for waters in this basin is scheduled to be conducted in 2008.

The Genesee River Basin WI/PWL Report

Introduction and Basin Assessment (PDF) (456 KB) - Includes the report cover, table of contents, description of the WI/PWL program and a brief summary of water quality in the entire basin.

Priority Waterbodies List (PDF) (63 kb) - Provides a summary list of PWL waters, use impacts, causes and sources.

Waterbody Inventory and Segment Data Sheets

Lower and Upper Genesee River Watershed (PDF) (500 kb)

Updated Assessments (PDF) (67 kb) - Includes updated segment data sheets for waterbody assessments that have been revised since the WI/PWL Assessment Report for this basin was issued in March 2003. These updated waterbody assessments include: Red Creek and tribs (0402-0024), Canaseraga Creek, Lower, and minor tribs (0404-0001).


Appendices A thru D (PDF) (191 kb)

To request printed copies of this report and for answers to other questions about this water quality assessment, please use the contact information at the right to reach us by e-mail, phone or in writing.