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Mohawk River WI/PWL

Mohawk River Basin

This is the most current Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List (WI/PWL) water quality assessment information for the waters of the Mohawk River Basin. The assessments are based on data and information collected through the 2009 NYSDEC sampling season. Individual assessment Fact Sheets for some waterbodies may have been subsequently updated where appropriate to reflect more recent information.

In order to ease viewing/downloading, this information has been segmented into separate smaller files. Individual water body segment Fact Sheets are grouped together by smaller watershed (10-digit Hydrologic Unit Code, or HUC10 Watershed). Use the map and HUC10 index below to find, view and download the water quality assessment information for the waterbody of interest to you.

Mohawk River Basin HUC10 Watersheds

Mohawk River Basin, with labeled Sub-Basins

Mohawk River Sub-Basin
Schoharie Creek Sub-Basin

Additional overview and water quality information about the Basin is available on the Mohawk River Watershed page.

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