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Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List

The Waterbody Inventory/Priority Waterbodies List is a statewide inventory of the waters of New York state that DEC uses to track support (or impairment) of water uses, overall assessment water quality, causes and sources of water quality impact/impairment, and the status of restoration, protection and other water quality activities and efforts. WI/PWL information is used to identify those water quality issues and specific waterbodies where efforts will have the greatest impact and benefit, objectively evaluate needs for project funding, monitor water quality improvement, and record and report changes over time.

Review of the water quality assessments and participation in the WI/PWL update process is open to the public. The public is welcome to comment via email on specific water quality assessments. For more information about how to participate, contact us.

WI/PWL Fact Sheets and other assessment information are grouped by the 17 major drainage basins in New York state. For current water quality assessment information in specific regions of New York state, select a drainage basin of interest from the following list.

Future updates of assessment information for WI/PWL waterbody Fact Sheets will be announced through the NYSDEC Division of Water e-newsletter, Making Waves. To subscribe, visit DEC's homepage and enter your email address in the "Receive Email Updates and News from NYSDEC" box (lower left corner), then select Making Waves under the "Prevent and Control Pollution" heading and "Water" sub-heading.

Other WI/PWL Materials/Resources

Listed below are other materials and resources used in the WI/PWL review and update effort:

WI/PWL Worksheet (PDF) is used to capture and submit waterbody-specific information to be considered in the water quality assessments.

An Annotated Fact Sheet (PDF) explains the components of a WI/PWL Fact Sheet and is a helpful reference when completing the WI/PWL Worksheet.

An Assessment Methodology (PDF) that outlines what data is considered and how it is evaluated to provide a water quality assessment. The Assessment Methodology is also a helpful reference when completing the WI/PWL Worksheet.

WI/PWL Geographic Information Systems Coverage (leaving NYSDEC Website) that provides shapefiles depicting the location of each water quality assessment unit (i.e., waterbody segment) in the Waterbody Inventory, as well as the most recent water quality assessment information for the segment. Additional information about this GIS dataset, along with usage guidelines and restrictions can be found in the accompanying metadata. (ArcGIS users only)