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Concurrence Letter from DOH to DEC

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Letter dated June 24, 2005


Steven M. Bates, Assistant Director
Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation
NYS Department of Health

Addressed to:

Dale Desnoyers, Director
Division of Environmental Remediation
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation


Record of Decision
Onondaga Lake Bottom Sediments
Site ID#734030
Syracuse, Onondaga County

Body of letter:

My staff has reviewed the Record of Decision for the Onondaga Lake Bottom Sediments site north of Syracuse, Onondaga County. Based upon that review I understand that the selected remedy addresses contamination in the Lake with the ultimate goal of reducing contamination in the fish levels that will no longer present an unacceptable health risk to the public via consumption. The remedy, which should result in a long-term reduction in toxicity, mobility, and volume of the key contaminants in Onondaga Lake, includes:

Removal of approximately 2.6 million cubic yards of contaminated sediments and NAPLs by dredging; Isolation capping of about 425 acres of the littoral zone; Thin-layer capping of about 154 acres of contaminated sediments in the profundal zone, along with aeration of the deep water column, and monitored natural recovery; Construction of a sediment consolidation area on one or more of Honeywell's waste beds in the Town of Camillus (or another site, if preferred); Control of upland sources of contaminated groundwater or runoff; and Improvements to aquatic habitat throughout the Lake.

I concur with the selected remedy as it will prevent human exposure to contaminated sediments and support an eventual recreational fishery unhindered by fish consumption concerns.

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