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Hazardous Waste Generation Summary Table 1 Sample

For Submittal with a Hazardous Waste Reduction Plan

Sample of a Completed Hazardous Waste Generation Table

Company Name: XYZ Manufacturing Company

EPA I.D. Number: NYD123456789

Table 1
Waste Stream ID Number Name of Waste EPA Hazardous Waste Code(s) Source of Generation Disposal Management Method Quantity of Waste Generated (Tons) Productivity
Index Base Index = 1 (Year HWRP First Submitted)
2016 2017 2018 2019 2016 2017 2018 2019
1 Ortho-
K105 Off-spec material from batch reactors H132 300 250 1.0 1.2
2 Freon F001 Used in product rework H040 22 22 1.0 1.2

Additional Guidance for Completing Table 1:

• Waste stream ID numbers should be consistent between Table 1 and Table 2, as well as between reporting years;
• EPA Hazardous Waste Code(s) should be provided in the appropriate column. The codes can be found here;
• Disposal Management Method code(s) also need to be provided and can be found here;
• The "quantity of waste generated" should be provided in tons. The quantity only needs to be provided for completed years (i.e., there is no need to provide projections for future years);
• Productivity Index - should be consistent calculation from year to year; sample calculation should be provided in the body of the report

*Note: The latest column should contain waste generation numbers (in tons) from the previous calendar year. For example, if your report is due July 1, 2018, you report on 2017 waste generation numbers. You may optionally choose to include previous calendar years for continuity.