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DAR-1 AGC/SGC Tables and Software Support Files

DAR-1 AGC/SGC Tables
File Name Description
(PDF, 815 KB, 45 pgs)
To satisfy the requirements described in 6 NYCRR Part 212.9(a) Table 1, the Department established a listing of non-criteria air contaminants with acceptable ambient air concentrations to help the user of DAR-1 make an appropriate Environmental Rating determination. The acceptable air concentrations, in micrograms per cubic meter, are listed for annual emission rates called Annual Guideline Concentrations (AGC) and for hourly emission rates called Short-Term Guideline Concentrations (SGC). A listing of AGC/SGCs were incorporated into the 1991 Draft version of Air Guide-1 (DAR-1) under Appendix C and revised in 1995, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2014.

Download DAR-1 Software Support Files

The following files are provided in a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) or self-extracting zipped format. Copy the desired file to the appropriate directory and then double-click the file to open.

File Name Description
(self-extracting 2.5 MB)
Air Guide-1 database file ("Run" file) containing all NON-CONFIDENTIAL data.
Contains all permitted sources in New York State, as of 9/25/96, less some combustion sources.
Copy into Air Guide-1 directory where the program has been installed (c:\AG1). Then, double-click the file.
dar1help.pdf (PDF 188 KB) Adobe Acrobat PDF file containing the documents in the DAR-1 HELP file:
"What's new in version 3.6 of the DAR-1 program" (README.TXT), the "USER'S GUIDE for the DAR-1
software program" (version 3.6), "Appendix B of Air Guide-1" (October 16, 1995),
"Modifications to the Screening Procedures for Air Toxic Impact Analyses" (11/1/93)
and "Technical Reference for the Screening Procedures of the Air Guide-1 Software Program" (1/11/94).
(self-extracting 112 KB)
Quattro Pro 7.0 file (SCNAME.WB3) containing all Source Codes (not Source Contaminant Codes)
used by the old SMS system and reported in the Air Guide-1 software program.
(self-extracting 90 KB
Quattro Pro 7.0 file (SWISDATA.WB3) containing all SWIS codes used in New York State
and reported in Air Guide-1 software program.
(self-extracting 307 KB
US EPA's Screen3 program. Program is a single source modeling program used
to predict worst-case short-term impacts from pollutant sources.