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WI/PWL Update Schedule

WI/PWL Update Schedule
Drainage Basin Current Report Reassessment Schedule *
Allegheny River May 2007 2008, 2013
Atlantic/Long Isl Sound August 2011 2015
Black River May 2007 2009, 2014
Chemung River May 2007 2009, 2014
Delaware River December 2002 2006, 2011
Genesee River March 2003 2006, 2011
Housatonic River July 2008 2009, 2014
Lake Champlain July 2009 2010, 2015
Lake Ontario Tribs August 2007 see below
Lower Hudson August 2008 2009, 2014
Mohawk River July 2010 2012
Niagara River/Lake Erie September 2010 2012
Oswego/Finger Lakes February 2008 2008, 2013
Ramapo/Hackensack July 2008 2009, 2014
Saint Lawrence River February 2009 2011, 2016
Susquehanna River August 2009 2010, 2015
Upper Hudson River May 2007 2008, 2013

* This column indicates the years when statewide Rotating Integrated Basin Studies (RIBS) were completed or are scheduled to be completed, and where additional data not yet incorporated into these current basin reports is available, or will become available.

Lake Ontario Tributaries Basin - updates for the Western, Central and Eastern sub-basins are scheduled for 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively.

Schedule updated November 2011. We recognize and apologize for the delays in producing the updates to these reports. The revised schedule outlined above is thought to be achievable and will return the updates to a regular five-year schedule.