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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is the state agency that regulates pesticides and is responsible for compliance assistance, public outreach activities and, enforcement of the requirements in the Environmental Conservation Law.

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NYSPAD Product Search - The NYSPAD product search has replaced the Product, Ingredient, and Manufacturer System (PIMS) as the source for all your New York pesticide product registration information and approved labels. Please bookmark this site and begin using it immediately as the data on PIMS is no longer being updated.

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Worker Protection Standard (WPS) - The Department plans to hold a number of outreach sessions this year pertaining to the new requirements issued by the USEPA (leaves DEC website) found in the WPS. Recertification training credits will be available to those individuals certified to apply pesticides to agricultural crops. These WPS outreach sessions will be posted on the DEC Public Events Calendar. Email questions regarding the WPS to

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Pesticides On Pets - Products intended to kill or control pests on pets, such as many used by professional pet groomers, are considered pesticides. Read more about DEC registered pesticides and pet grooming pesticide applicator certification on the Pet Groomers and Pesticide Products page

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The Pesticide Reporting and Certification Section can be contacted at 518-402-8748 or

The Pesticide Product Registration Section can be contacted at 518-402-8768 or

The Pesticide Compliance Section can be contacted at 518-402-8727 or

For questions regarding The Pesticide Reporting Law (PRL), call 518-402-8748 or email

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