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Final 2004 PRL Annual Report - Figure 8

Figure 8
Relative Amount (in Gallons) of the Reported Top Ten Restricted and General Use Agricultural Pesticide Products Sold by Commercial Permit Holders to Certified Private Applicators - 2004*
EPA Registration Number Product Name Volume Quantity (gallons) Percentage of All Products
100-1152 Lumax Selective Herbicide 47,440.23 8.119%
241-337 Prowl 3.3 EC Herbicide 44,426.85 7.603%
524-537 Roundup Weathermax Herbicide 29,278.00 5.045%
1812-416 Pentathlon LF Fungicide 21,278.00 3.641%
19713-123 Damoil Dormant and Summer Spray Oil Insecticide 19,196.00 3.285%
100-827 Bicep Lite II Magnum Herbicide 14,628.73 2.504%
65564-1 JMS Stylet Oil Fungicide 14,175.50 2.426%
524-344 Micro-Tech Herbicide 12,302.33 2.105%
50534-188 Bravo Weather Stik Agricultural Fungicide 10,212.50 1.748%
100-1074 Gramoxone Max Herbicide 8,901.95 1.523%
Top 10 Products - Total Quantity (Gallons) Sold: 222,042.29
All Products - Total Quantity (Gallons) Sold: 584,325.70
Top 10 Products as a Percentage of Total Quantity (Gallons) Sold: 38.00%

* Excluding Illegible, Invalid, Irregular, and Unreported Categories (See Annual Report for Definitions)