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New Pesticide Products

Register a Product

Every pesticide product which is used, distributed, sold or offered for sale in New York State must be registered by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Products requiring NYS registration include:

  • Products registered nationally by the USEPA;
  • Supplemental (distributor) registrations (each must be registered as a separate product); and
  • Additional brand or product names (each name must be registered as a separate product) and additional product scents.

NOTE: Products not required to be registered by the USEPA are not registered by NYSDEC.

Forms and Instructions

Instructions can be found on the back page of each form. We request that application materials be printed as double-sided. Not only is this practice environmentally friendly, it also saves your company printing and shipping costs while at the same time saving space in our files.

Pesticide Registration Application (PDF, 240 KB)
Product Information Form for Registration of a Pesticide (PDF, 732 KB)

Application Fees

The fees are $620 per product, or $600 per product if a copy of the company's signed annual federal income tax return for the previous year is submitted, showing the company's gross annual sales for federal income tax purposes were $3,500,000 or less.

Look Up Products

Access information on currently registered pesticides in New York State by visiting the New York State Pesticide Administration Database (NYSPAD) search page:

New York State Pesticide Administration logo

Restricted Use Status or New York State Specific Language

Certain active ingredients and use patterns require New York State specific language on the product label prior to registering the product for sale, sale into, distribution, and use in New York State. Products also may be registered with a New York State "Restricted Use" status that is not part of the labeling text, but instead is a status reported in the registration record viewable on the NYSPAD site.

Access the current list of active ingredients with NY State specific requirements (PDF, 97 KB). (Please note that the list is dynamic and subject to change.)