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Currently Registered Pesticides

The alphabetical list of pesticide products currently registered for use in New York State has been converted to the portable document format (.pdf) for internet use. The converted list of registered pesticide products is updated regularly (See Important Links at right).

If the exact name and number of a product are not found on the list of pesticide products currently registered for use in New York State, it cannot be sold, offered for sale, distributed or used in New York State. If you do not find the exact name and number of the product you are looking for, please call the Pesticide Product Registration Section at 518-402-8768 for the registration status of the product.

How to Use the Registered Pesticides List

Access the list of Currently Registered Pesticides in New York State by visiting the link on the right.

The list provides the exact product name, the EPA Registration Number of the product, whether or not the product is classified as "restricted use" in New York State, and if its use is allowed on Long Island.

The following sample gives the meanings of terms used in the list:

As of 1/5/10, We are Reviewing New, Routine Applications Logged In On 9/10/09
Pesticide Products Registered for Use in New York as of 1/15/10*
1EPA Registration No. 2Restricted 3Product Name
4Long Island Prohibition
Fly Killer
LI Use Limit
Lake Algae Killer

*Date the table was last updated. The PDF file in the right-hand column is updated weekly.

1EPA Registration No. - Registration number assigned to a product by the EPA and found on the product label.

2Restricted - If there is a "YES" in this column, then the product is a "restricted use" product as defined in Part 326, and is not available for use by the general public. Please call the Pesticide Product Registration Section at 518-402-8768 for further information on restricted use products.

3Product Name - The exact name of the product as registered with NYS. If the name does not match exactly, it is considered a different product in NYS and is not currently registered. Products whose names begin with a number are listed first, in numerical order, followed alphabetically by products whose names begin with a letter.

4Long Island Prohibition - "LI Prohibited" means the product cannot be used in Nassau or Suffolk counties. In certain cases, products are prohibited from sale, sale into, distribution or use in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings or Queens counties. Please read the label carefully for the exact prohibition. "LI Use Limits" means the product can be used on Long Island, but there are label restrictions such as a lower use rate, or limited application methods. Again, please read the label carefully to determine the specific limitation.

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