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DMR FAQs on Signature Authorization

(Page 19 & A-14 and A-15 of DMR Manual)

To print a copy of the Signature Authorization Form, please select the link below.
Signature Authorization Form (95 KB, pdf)

How do I change the people authorized to sign my DMR?
You need to complete and sign the Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Signature Authorization Form (Appendix G). The completed form must be mailed to the address on the bottom of the form and a copy must be sent to your Regional office.

Do you need to change the authorization each time the elected official changes?
A new authorization form does not have to be submitted when an elected official changes offices.

Can you have more than 1 person authorized to sign the DMR?
A SPDES Permittee can have more than one person authorized to sign the DMR. This is actually recommended, so in cases of vacations, retirement, sickness, etc., the DMR submission process is not delayed.

Is a letter OK, rather than the form for authorization?
We would rather have the form for Signature Authorization.

Can a title be authorized?
No, a title cannot be authorized. We must have both the name and the title of the authorized person on file.

Will authorization forms be sent out to permittees?
Authorization forms will be sent out to all SPDES Permittees this fall. There is also a copy of the Signature Authorization form in Appendix G of the DMR Manual and it is available for download on the DEC website.

If your name is preprinted on the DMR, does that mean you are authorized to sign the DMR?
No, this does not mean you are authorized to sign a DMR, unless a Signature Authorization form has been sent in for that person, or they are a person as described in paragraphs (1), (2), or (3) of page A-14.

Will there be a way to do the signature stuff online?
At the present time it is not possible to send in the Signature Authorization Form online, and there are no future plans to do so. The form is available for download on the DEC website.

If the manager delegates responsibilities to someone, can they sign the DMR or do they need to reauthorize?
Internal delegation of responsibility is not sufficient for authorization. A Signature Authorization Form would need to be sent to DEC for this person to sign the DMR.

Do we need to submit the Signature Authorization Form with the DMR or separately?
Either is acceptable, but we prefer that the Signature Authorization Form be sent in separately from the DMR.

Does the authorized representative have to work for the corporation or could they be under contract?
The authorized representative does not need to work for the corporation, but they must be authorized to sign the DMR.

If we have not heard from DEC, saying otherwise, does that mean that we have a signature authorization form on file? Should we send a new one in to make sure? Will we get confirmation saying it has been received?
Currently, we have not sent out letters to permittees informing them if we do not have a signature authorization form on file for them. It is the responsibility of the permittee to ensure that their authorization form is correct and filed with DEC. We also will not be sending a letter out to permittees to let them know that we received their signature authorization form.

What if our authorized signer is on vacation for 2 weeks and they need to sign the DMR?
Due to instances like this, we recommend having at least 2 authorized signers.

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