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DMR FAQs on Number of Excursions

(page 17 of DMR Manual)

If you have continuously monitored temperature and 2 times in one day you exceeded your limit, what is the number of excursions?
The number of excursions is the number of days of excursion, regardless of the number of samples.

No.Ex. Used to be 0/30, do we only enter a number now (0, 1, 7, etc)?
Just enter the number of days in the Number of Excursions box (ie. 0, 1, 2, 7, etc)

If we exceed an Action Level, what do we put in the No.Ex. Box?
Put a zero in the Number of Excursions box for Action Levels. These are not permit limits.

If we sample 7 days (7-day average) and only two of the samples exceed the limit, do we still have to write "7" for the number of excursions, if the average ended up being over the limit?
Yes. The number we write in the number of excursions box is the number of days that a daily discharge value exceeds the limit. Since the 7-day period is representative of 7 days, we must count a 7 day average that exceeds the permit limit to be 7 excursions. For more information on 7-day average as it relates to the number of excursions, see pages 17 - 18 of the DMR Manual.

What if we have a limit of 400, is >200 a excursion?
Yes. Because of the greater than symbol, >200 would be treated as an excursion.

Do we apply the number of excursions to action levels?
No, the number of excursions does not apply to action levels.

Can we have violations with no excursions?
Yes, for parameters which report in the average column on the DMR, we do not count excursions.

If we have a greater than symbol on a 30-day average, does that automatically count as 30 violations?
How violations are determined depends on the region and how they handle non-compliance.

Do we report the number of excursions for percent removal, since it appears in the minimum column on our DMR?
No, you do not calculate the number of excursions for percent removal, even though it is located in either the minimum or maximum column on the DMR.

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