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DMR FAQs on Implementation Time Frame

When will the data retention time change from 3 to 5 years become effective?
The change of the data retention period from 3 years to 5 years will occur when the Proposed Part 750 Regulations are adopted. At the current time we are unsure of when this will happen. A mass mailing to all SPDES Permittees will be sent out informing permittees of the change at that time.

Will there be a grace period when the retention switches from 3 to 5 years?
The change in the data retention time period will be date-forward from the time the Regulations are adopted, not retroactive, and will be effective immediately.

When will this (the DMR Manual) take effect?
There are two areas of the DMR Manual which are dependent upon the proposed Part 750 Regulations. These are:

1) The change of the data retention period from 3 years to 5 years, as noted on page three of the DMR Manual.

2) The instructions for the Non-Compliance Report form, where the rules for the time period in which events of noncompliance must be reported to the Department has been modified. This appears on page A-3 of the Appendix.

These two items will be implemented with the adoption of the proposed Part 750 Regulations. The Department will inform all SPDES permittees of when the Regulations are adopted.

All other items in the DMR Manual should be implemented with the July DMR. A memorandum was sent out with the July DMR reminding permittees of this.

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