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DMR FAQs on Frequency of Analysis

(Page 18 of DMR Manual)

For Frequency of Analysis, do we always use 30 for the month, even if in February?
The code for month is always 30, whether there are 31 days, 30 days or 28 days in the month.

If your sampling frequency is 2x/month and you sample four times, do you report them all?
If these samples were all taken according to 40 CFR Part 136, they must be reported on the DMR.

Is sampling more frequently than required by the permit a violation of the permit?
No, but sampling less frequently would be a violation of the permit.

If we have a different frequency of analysis for each week, what do we write on the DMR?
Report the least frequent number of samples collected and make a note in the comments area of the DMR.

If we sample 2x/month rather than 1x/month like our DMR states, do we write that down?
Yes, you would report 02/30 for the frequency of analysis and attach an explanation.

If we routinely sample more frequently, do we have to attach an explanation every month?
In this case, you should attach an explanation the first time you sampled more frequently, with the caveat that you will be doing so every month until further notice.

What if the sampling frequency does not match up with how it was listed? Like a 24-hour composite on VOCs?
Ask for more clarification from the region. In some cases, permit modifications might be necessary.

If we check the no discharge box, do we still need to fill in the sample types and frequency of analysis?
No, if you check the "No Discharge" box, you leave the rest of the DMR form blank.

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