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Water Quality Standards and Analytical Support

The Water Quality Standards and Analytical Support program provides technical support for the monitoring, assessment and research functions of the bureau; as well as permitting and compliance efforts of the Division. These activities include conducting QA/QC reviews to insure data quality of monitoring programs and projects, the development of water quality standards and criteria as a basis for controlling pollution and to guide the assessment of monitoring results, the management of analytical resources available to the Division, research into new analytical technologies, sample collection methods and emerging contaminants, and implementation of a health and safety program that meets the needs of staff.

Water Quality Standards and Classifications

Contact: Scott Stoner, Chief, Standards and Analytical Support Section
Water classifications identify the best uses of the waters of the state. Water Quality Standards establish chemical-specific standards that waters must meet in order to fully support these uses.

Analytical Services and Resources

Contact: Jason Fagel, Program Manager, Analytical Services and Resources
Information regarding contract laboratories that provide analytical services directly to the Division is available through this program. The analysis protocols followed by these laboratories are defined in their respective contracts and supporting documentation.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Contact: RoseAnn Garry, Division of Water Quality Assurance Officer
The management processes and structures for assuring environmental data generated and processed will be of known and acceptable quality are outlined in the Division of Water's Quality Assurance Management Plan. Review of Division of Water Quality Assurance Project Plans and Standard Operating Procedures are conducted by this program.