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New York State Water Quality

2008 Section 305(b) Report

Water quality reporting under Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 305(b) and Section 303(d) are highly visible ways of communicating to the public about the health of the nation's waters. The quality and reliability of the information they contain becomes increasingly important as it is used to set priorities and to implement water quality controls and protection activities.

The entire 2008 305(b) report is available for download (PDF, 23.16 Mb).

For faster viewing/downloading, this report has been divided into individual sections:


Appendix A consists of summaries outlining water quality in each of the state's 17 major drainage basins. Appendix A can be downloaded in its entirety (PDF, 17.01Mb), or for faster viewing/downloading, the Appendix has been broken into smaller sections below.

Section A-1: Niagara River/Lake Erie Basin (PDF, 1.29 Mb)
Section A-2: Allegheny River Basin (PDF, 870.9 Kb)
Section A-3: Lake Ontario (Minor Tribs) Basin (PDF, 756.8 Kb)
Section A-4: Genesee River Basin (PDF, 1.20 Mb)
Section A-5: Chemung River Basin (PDF, 874.5 Kb)
Section A-6: Susquehanna River Basin (PDF, 1.43 Mb)
Section A-7: Oswego River (Finger Lakes) Basin (PDF, 1.37 Mb)
Section A-8: Black River Basin (PDF, 1.06 Mb)
Section A-9: St. Lawrence Basin (PDF, 1.55 Mb)
Section A-10: Lake Champlain Basin (PDF, 1.27 Mb)
Section A-11: Upper Hudson River Basin (PDF, 1.15 Mb)
Section A-12: Mohawk River Basin (PDF, 1.46 Mb)
Section A-13: Lower Hudson River Basin (PDF, 1.31 Mb)
Section A-14: Delaware River Basin (PDF, 1.20 Mb)
Section A-15: Atlantic Ocean/Long Island Basin (PDF, 1.04 Mb)
Section A-16: Ramapo River and Housatonic River Basins (PDF, 1.10 Mb)

Appendices B-F: NYS Clean Lakes Assessment, NYS Groundwater Assessment, NYS Wetlands Assessment, NYSDEC Pollution Control Programs and Relevant Program Websites (PDF, 707.5 Kb)