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Out-of-State Application

If you are currently certified in another state and wish to transfer to New York State, there is no reciprocity for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification. All candidates are required to meet the same qualifications as New York State applicants. New York State does honor exam reciprocity with other states through the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) Exam Reciprocity Register. Currently certified operators from states that also have agreements with ABC may obtain certification in New York without taking an exam, provided their training, and experience qualifications meet New York State standards. Certified operators from other states may have their qualifications reviewed by mailing to:

525 Plum Street, Site 102
Syracuse, NY 13204
Phone: (315) 422-7811 x4

Application Guidelines

This information is intended to assist you in applying for a New York State wastewater operator certificate. Through our affiliation with the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC), New York State recognizes the examination of those states who use the ABC examination service. If you have passed an ABC exam from one of the member states (those associated in agreement with ABC), you do not have to retake that certification grade exam. To receive this exemption, you must provide proof of completing an equivalent exam in another state which utilizes the ABC exam service.

However, Out-of-State applicants must meet the same requirements as all other applicants. The New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA), is responsible for the review and processing of Out-of-State applications. The "Guidelines for Out-of-State Applicants" can be found off the NYWEA Operator Certification page with the link to NYWEA in the right column on this page. The following forms must be completed and returned with your application. The forms are available on the NYWEA Operator Certification page.

Facility Scoring Sheet - Indicate which treatment units are employed at the wastewater plant(s) that you are seeking experience credit for. Also, include a current flow diagram of each of the facilities. We will confirm this information with the appropriate regulatory agency. Please provide a contact name and phone number at the regulatory agency for which the plant information can be verified.

Application for Approval of Qualifications - This form is used to detail your wastewater qualifications and can be obtained by using the NYWEA link in the right column, and select the Certification Application box for a drop down menu.

Statement of Experience - On this form, provide a summary of your applicable operations, laboratory, and maintenance experience at the plant. Part-time operation may count towards the experience requirement on a pro-rata basis. The form can be obtained by using the NYWEA link in the right column, and select the Certification Application box for a drop down menu.

Training Requirement

All applicants must complete training equivalent to New York State operators

Activated Sludge Course: Applicants seeking certification in an activated sludge treatment process, (A designation after Grade), must complete an activated sludge course equivalent to 24.0 hrs. of classroom instruction.

Grade 1 or 1A Basic Operations Course: Basic Wastewater Operation course equivalent to 60.0 hrs. of instruction. Requirement for all Grade levels of certification.
Note: the California State University home-study course (the Sacramento Course) is accepted for Grade 1 or 1A certification only.

Grade 2 Laboratory Course: Applicants for a Grade 2, 2A or higher must have completed an approved 30.0 hr. laboratory course, have experience as a lab technician, or pass the New York State laboratory proficiency exam (held at various locations, including Albany).

Grade 3 Supervision and Technical Operations Course: Applicants for certification at Grade 3, 3A (or higher) must have completed the supervisory requirements, or equivalent. Several home study courses in conjunction with the one day Technical Operations Module are acceptable for the "Supervision" requirement. The "Technical Operations Module" requirement includes training on Multimedia Issues, Odor Control, Nutrient Removal, and Toxics.

Grade 4 Management Course: Applicants for Grade 4 or 4A certification must have completed the Grade 4 Management Course. At present, there are no home-study or alternative options to this course.

Remember to include proof of completion for all courses that you wish to receive credit for along with contact information for the course providers. No credit can be awarded for training that cannot be verified. All applicable training courses, including both credit and non-credit courses will be considered.

College course work is acceptable on a case-by-case basis. Attach an original college transcript for the courses you are requesting approval for along with a description from the college catalog and contact information for the school.