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Certification Renewal Requirements

All Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators in New York State are required to renew their certificates every five (5) years. The requirement for an operator to renew their certificate is based on the completion of the required contact hours of approved training related to the field of wastewater treatment. A "contact hour" consists of attendance and completion of one (1) hour of a NYSDEC approved training session.

The following table summarizes the contact hours needed during the five (5) year period for each Grade:

Renewal Training Requirements
Certificate Grade Contact Hours Needed
Grades 1 & 1A 20
Grades 2 & 2A 40
Grades 3 & 3A 60
Grades 4 & 4A 80

Each course or seminar attended for the purpose of certification renewal must be verified by a course completion certificate designating the training hours involved and signed by the instructor. All training used for renewal training must be approved by NYSDEC. The organization or trainer providing the renewal training should receive approval prior to conducting the course or seminar. Renewal Training Course Guidelines can be obtained by contacting the NYSDEC, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-3506, Phone (518) 402-8177, Fax (518) 402-8082.

Renewal Procedures

Operators must renew their certificates every five (5) years as outlined under "Renewal Requirements." The operator must complete a Renewal Application and attach the training certificates for each course or seminar attended. The training certificate must have the date(s) of the training, document the number of contact hours of training received, and must be signed by the instructor.

The Renewal Application may be found in the right column "offsite links" to the New York Water Environment Asociation (NYWEA) link. You may also call NYWEA at (315) 422-7811 x4. NYWEA is the administrating agency for New York State Wastewater Operator Certification and Renewal of Certificate. The Renewal Application along with supporting documentation must be mailed to:

525 Plum Street, Suite 102
Syracuse, NY 13204

Please Note*

If an operator does not renew his/her certificate in the specified time or fails to attain the proper amount of approved contact hours of training, his/her certificate will be considered expired. The operator will still be required to attain the required contact hours of training. If a certificate has expired for more than one (1) year, the operator must also pass the ABC exam. Also, remember only the most recent five (5) years of training will be credited towards renewal.

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