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Landfill Gas Recovery Facilities

Landfill Gas Recovery Facilities in New York State

Landfill gas is generated by the natural degradation of municipal solid waste by anaerobic micro-organisms. Landfill gas-to-energy projects control the migration of explosive gases, treat emissions and can offset tons of sulfur dioxide emissions which would be produced by fossil-fueled power generation.

State assistance grants are available for eligible municipal landfill gas management projects.

2014 Annual Report Data
Landfill Gas Recovery
Facility Name
Landfill Gas
for Energy
(cubic feet)
Generated (megawatt-hrs)
High BTU Gas
Produced (cubic feet)
Condensate Generated
Auburn Landfill Gas Electric Generator's Facility Auburn Landfill No. 2 195,878,000 10,476
Brookhaven Landfill Gas Recovery Facility Brookhaven Waste Management Facility
Broome County LGRF Broome County Landfill 762,784,666 30,971 34,529
Chautauqua County Landfill Chautauqua County Landfill 1,117,598,100 46,23 1,794,149
Clinton County Landfill Gas to Energy Facility Clinton County Landfill 878,642,391 41,340
Fortistar Methane Group Albany Rapp Road Waste Management Facility


High Acres Power Production Plant High Acres West. Exp. Landfill 1,799,901,000 78,263 4,449,117
Hyland Landfill Gas to Energy Plant Hyland Landfill 778,514,481 33,117
IES Colonie Colonie Sanitary Landfill 693,586,360 38,564
IES Fulton Fulton County Landfill 269,332,200 13,050
Innovative/DANC Development Authority of the North Country Landfill 948,353,300 41,499 3,860,276
Mill Seat Renewable Energy Facility Mill Seat Landfill 1,130,369,000 54,613 3,491,349
Model City Energy Modern Landfill 1,715,417,365 76,059 1,801,500
Monroe-Livingston Power Production Plant Monroe-Livingston Landfill 213,861,000 10,994 50,700
GSF Fresh Kills Gas Plant
NYCDOS Fresh Kills Landfill 1,705,400,000 775,160,000 109,225
Oceanside Landfill Gas Recovery Facility Oceanside Landfill 52,411,629 2,361 1,205
Oneida-Herkimer Renewable Energy Facility Ava Landfill 504,595 24,789 16,331
Seneca Energy II, LLC - Ontario Landfill Gas to Energy Facility Ontario County Landfill 1,907,539,586 78,466
Seneca Energy, Inc. Seneca Meadows Landfill 3,061,288,864 146,010 783,603
Steuben Bath Landfill LFGTE Facility Bath Landfill 401,728,000 22,285 771,217
WM Canastota Renewable Energy Facility Madison County West Side Extension Landfill 167,334,000 6,689 1,038
WM Renewable Energy Chaffee Landfill Power Production Plant Chaffee Landfill 1,115,683,000 49,775 49,391
Totals: 19,534,246,149 831,716 776,961,500 14,640,913

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