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Final 2002 PRL Report - Figure 7

Figure 7
Relative Amount (in Pounds) of the Reported Top Ten Restricted and General Use Agricultural Pesticide Products Sold by Commercial Permit Holders to Certified Private Applicators- 2002*
EPA Registration Number Product Name Weight Quantity (pounds) Percentage of All Products
62719-34 Lorsban Insecticide 474,024.09 8.897%
10182-373 Force 3G Insecticide 445,543.00 8.362%
4581-370 Penncozeb 75 DF Fungicide 353,370.00 6.632%
707-180 Dithane DF Agricultural Fungicide 248,738.50 4.668%
51036-166 Captan 50 Wettable Powder Fungicide 224,780.00 4.219%
7969-105-34704 Clean Crop Polyram 80DF Fungicide 202,211.79 3.795%
6325-13 Yellow Jacket Wettable Dusting Sulphur Fungicide/Miticide 173,580.00 3.258%
34704-730 Clean Crop Potato Feed Treater Fungicide 125,630.00 2.358%
10163-169 Imidan 70-W Insecticide 90,751.00 1.703%
538-213 Pendimethalin Pre-emergent Weed Control (with various Fertilizer combos) 80,150.00 1.504%
Top 10 Products - Total Quantity (Pounds) Sold: 2,418,778.38
All Products - Total Quantity (Pounds) Sold: 5,328,177.37
Top 10 Products as a Percentage of Total Quantity (Pounds) Sold: 45.40%

* Excluding Illegible, Invalid, Irregular, and Unreported Categories (See Annual Report for Definitions)

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