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Air Resources - Stakeholder Materials

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May 24, 2018 Pre-proposal Oil & Gas Regulation Stakeholder Presentation (PDF, 418 KB) - The attached presentation was offered to stakeholders on May 24, 2018 as an overview of the Department's process for developing regulations for the oil and gas sector. This process is on-going and additional stakeholder meetings are anticipated. Ona Papageorgiou
June 4, 2018 Simple Cycle Combustion Turbine (Peaking Unit) Stakeholder Draft (PDF, 17 KB) - The Department has developed an updated pre-proposal Draft outline for a combustion turbine regulation which includes updates to both the regulatory structure and the compliance schedule from last summer's draft. Comments are being accepted through July 10, 2018. Ona Papageorgiou
June 5, 2018 Part 222, Distributed Generation Sources Stakeholder Draft (PDF, 95 KB) - A revised pre-proposal stakeholder draft of Part 222 express terms which includes updates to both rule applicability and the compliance schedule is available for your review and comment. Comments are being accepted through July 3, 2018. John Barnes