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Pesticide Laws and Regulations

DEC regulates pesticides and is responsible for compliance assistance, public outreach activities, and enforcement of the requirements in the Environmental Conservation Law.

Pesticides must be registered with the DEC before they can be sold, distributed, or used in the state. Pesticide applicators must be certified before they can apply pesticides commercially. Businesses must be registered with the DEC before they can apply pesticides or offer services in New York State.

The DEC would like to highlight a number of Laws and Regulations pertaining to the sale, use, and disposal of pesticides in New York State. For questions, contact the DEC Pesticide Compliance Section at 518-402-8727 or send us an email.

Initial Stakeholder Meeting: The DEC held an initial stakeholder meeting (PDF - 45 KB) on January 18, 2019 to consider changes to the Department's pesticide regulations. Fact sheets (PDF - 168 KB), Slide Presentation (PDF - 398 KB), and a Comment Form (PDF - 36 KB) are available for those who are interested in being involved in the process. Stakeholder input for pesticide regulations is being received at You may also submit input regarding aquatic pesticide regulations to

More about Pesticide Laws and Regulations:

  • Neighbor Notification - Information about the requirements under the Neighbor Notification Law in those NYS Counties in which it has been adopted.
  • Pesticide Use at Schools and Day Care Centers - Guidance and Policy regarding pesticide prohibition on grounds at schools and day care centers, alternative pest management and the pesticide Neighbor Notification Law.
  • Requirements for Pesticide Applicators to Provide Product Labels - Revised requirements regarding the formats product label information can be requested in (written, digital or electronic) and adding a requirement for the applicator to possess a written copy of that information.
  • Pesticide Commercial Lawn Care Contracts - Revised requirements regarding the formats certain information can be provided in (written, digital or electronic) for commercial lawn care contracts.
  • Cooling Towers & Pesticide Applications - Requirements for individuals and businesses/agencies making pesticidal applications to cooling towers.
  • Mosquito Control - Find mosquito control requirements for New York State including a list of registered pesticide products and commercial application requirements.
  • Pet Groomers and Pesticide Products - Information for pet grooming businesses and pet owners regarding pesticide use and pet grooming pesticide applicator certification.