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2018 CWA Section 303(d) List

The process to update the Section 303(d) List for 2018 is currently underway. More information regarding this effort can be found on this page below.

The 2018 CWA Section 303(d) List Schedule

As noted above, Section 303(d) of the Federal Clean Water Act(CWA) requires states to compile periodically (every two years) a list of impaired waters that do not meet water quality standards and where designated uses are not fully supported and where a Total Maximum Daily Load (TDML) plan is necessary to address the impairment. States are scheduled to submit their next Section 303(d) Lists to USEPA by April 1, 2018. A schedule for updating the list is as follows.

  • June thru September 2017 - Solicitation of the public for existing water quality data and information that may be useful in compiling the 2018 Section 303(d) List.
  • October thru December 2017 - Review of water quality data and information and development of the Draft 2018 Section 303(d) List for Public Comment.
  • Mid-January thru February 2018 - Public Notice and Comment Period for the Draft 2018 Section 303 (d) List.
  • March 2018 - Review of Public Comments and preparation of Proposed Final 2018 Section 303(d) List.
  • April 1, 2018 - Submittal of Proposed Final 2016 Section 303 (d) List of USEPA.
  • June 2018 - USEPA approval of Final NYS 2016 Section 303 (d) List.

*Please note that the 2018 listing cycle is delayed. A draft list will be public noticed for comment shortly. (updated March 7, 2018)

Guidance regarding the use of water quality data and information to conduct assessment and make listing decisions is outlined in the New York State Consolidated Assessment and Listing Methodology. These methodologies are available for review and NYSDEC will accept public comment on these documents throughout the 2018 Section 303(d) List development process.