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New York's Watershed Basin Programs

Spring 2017

Through numerous watershed basin programs across the state, NYSDEC aims to improve water quality, restore and protect
habitat, and enhance recreational access. Each basin program works with stakeholders to determine priority actions, guide
restoration and conservation efforts, and identify project funding. These programs are:

The Hudson River Estuary Program. Protects and enhances the resources of the Lower Hudson River watershed, a scenic and historic valley extending from New York Harbor to the Troy dam.

The Mohawk River Basin Program. This program's Action Agenda strives to conserve, preserve, and restore environmental quality, while managing the resources for sustainable economic development and farming within the 3,460-square mile watershed.

New York City Water Supply Reservoir Program. Located within the Hudson, Mohawk and Delaware River Basins, this program works with watershed communities to provide safe and reliable drinking water to 9.4 million downstate residents, while fostering a robust economy.

The Great Lakes Basin Program. Encompassing about 80 percent of the state's fresh surface water and 40 percent of its land area, this program works with local, state, federal and Canadian agencies to protect, restore, conserve, and enhance the water quality and natural resources of the watersheds of Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, and the St. Lawrence River.

The Lake Champlain Basin Program. Working with agencies and stakeholders in Canada and Vermont, this program's primary focus is the implementation of the Lake Champlain Phosphorus Reduction Plan, to protect the water quality of one of the largest North American lakes.

Multi-state Agency Management Programs for the Headwaters of Three Major River Systems in New York's Southern Tier. The Delaware River Basin Program focuses on water resource and conservation issues. The Susquehanna River Basin Program coordinates with the USEPA Chesapeake Bay Program to implement nutrient reductions. The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) encompasses a small portion of western-most New York.

The New York/New Jersey Harbor Estuary. This program facilitates efforts to reverse long-standing degradation of the complex marine system adjacent to one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world.

Long Island's Three Basin Programs. Each program, working to restore and protect water resources, is a key partner in implementing NYSDEC's Long Island Nitrogen Action Plan. The Long Island Sound Study (USEPA, New York and Connecticut) addresses hypoxia and other concerns in the Sound. The Peconic Estuary Program on Long Island's eastern end (NYSDEC, USEPA and Suffolk County) protects the estuary's rich aquatic communities. The South Shore Estuary Reserve (NYS Department of State) focuses on restoration and protection efforts on the south shore. Visit the NYSDEC website and consider getting involved.

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