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Doxey Petroleum Remediation Site

DEC Site: S130214

No Further Action Remedy Proposed for Site
Public Comment Period and Public Meeting Announced
March 2016

Public Meeting, Wednesday, 3/23/2016 at 7:00 PM
City Hall - City of Glen Cove
9 Glen Street
Glen Cove, NY 11542
NYSDEC invites you to a public meeting to discuss the remedy proposed for the site. You are encouraged to provide comments at the meeting, and during the comment period.

The public is invited to comment on a no further action remedy proposed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) related to the Doxey Site ("site") located at 10 Garvies Point Road, Glen Cove, Nassau County.

Documents Related to the Cleanup of this Site

How to Comment

NYSDEC is accepting written comments about the proposed plan from March 8, 2016 through April 15, 2016. Please submit comments to the NYSDEC project manager listed under Project Related Questions in the "Who to Contact" area below.

Proposed Remedial Action Plan

During the Oil Spill Removal Action, an Interim Remedial Measure (IRM) was completed. An IRM is conducted at a site when a source of contamination or exposure path can be effectively addressed before the issuance of the Decision Document. Based upon the site investigation, the implementation of the IRM and the evaluation of the IRM confirmation data, NYSDEC is purposing a No Further Action remedy.

The IRM, which consisted of the excavation of contaminated soils and disposal of the material at NYSDEC approved facilities, was completed in July 2015. Source areas included grossly contaminated soil, as defined by 6 NYCRR Part 375-1.2(u), non-aqueous phase liquids, soil containing semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in exceedance of 500 parts per million (ppm), and onsite soils exceeding the restricted-residential Soil Cleanup Objectives (SCOs) as defined by 6 NYCRR Part 375-6-8. Approximately 8,335 cubic yards soil and associated debris was removed from the site from depths ranging from 2-feet below ground surface (bgs) to 15-feet bgs and properly disposed at an permitted off-site nonhazardous waste disposal facility. A demarcation layer was installed at the completed excavation elevations and clean backfill meeting 6NYCRR Part 375 requirements for restricted residential use was used to return the site to appropriate grades.

Summary of the Investigation

Nature and Extent of Contamination:
Pre IRM: A pre-design investigation was conducted in 2010 to determine the extent of gross contamination (consisting or visible product), total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), SVOCs, metals, and volatile organic compound (VOC) contamination associated with past practices at the site.

The pre-design investigation reported that gross contamination and TPH at concentrations ranging from 111 parts per million (ppm) to 16,000 ppm was detected throughout the site confirming that the site had been impacted by petroleum. In addition to gross contamination and TPH, SVOCs, primarily polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), were detected above the NYSDEC Part 375 Restricted Residential Cleanup Criteria at concentrations ranging from non-detect to 20,000 ppm in areas generally corresponding to petroleum contamination.

Metals analysis indicated that arsenic was present in the surface and subsurface soil throughout the site at concentrations above the NYSDEC Part 375 Restricted Residential Cleanup Criteria.

Post IRM: Remediation at the site is complete. Prior to remediation, the primary contaminants of concern were petroleum related gross contamination, TPH, PAHs, and arsenic. Due to the Doxey Site's proximity to the Li Tungsten site, a National Priority List (NPL) site, radiological screening of the site was conducted during remediation. Radiologicals were not detected above background levels. With the exception noted below, post excavation sampling confirmed that the SCOs for TPH, SVOCs, and metal were reached within the excavated areas. Residual TPH, PAHs and gross contamination above the site SCOs has been left in place post remediation near the bulkhead beneath the 2-foot soil cover due to uncertain structural integrity of the bulkhead. Remedial action was completed in spring 2015. The project is now under long-term site management.

Institutional and Engineering Controls

Institutional controls and engineering controls generally are designed to reduce or eliminate exposure to contaminants of concern. An institutional control is a non-physical restriction on use of the site, such as a deed restriction, when contamination left over after the cleanup action makes the site suitable for some, but not all uses. An engineering control is a physical barrier or method to manage contamination such as a cap or vapor barrier.

The following institutional controls have been or will be put in place on the site:

  • Environmental Easement
  • Institutional Control/Engineering Control Plan
  • Site Management Plan
  • Soil Management Plan
  • Monitoring Plan
  • Groundwater Use Restriction
  • Land Use Restriction

The following engineering controls have been or will be put in place on the site:

  • Cover System
  • Subsurface Barriers

Next Steps

NYSDEC will consider public comments as it finalizes the no further action remedy for the site. The selected remedy will be described in a document called a "Decision Document" that will explain why the remedy was selected and respond to public comments.


Location: The Doxey site is located at 10 Garvies Point Road in the City of Glen Cove, Nassau County along the northern shore of the Glen Cove Creek. The site is trapezoidal in shape, and is bound to the north by Garvies Point Road and to the south by Glen Cove Creek.

Site Features: The site is currently vacant. Prior to remediation, the site contained remnants of the previous uses including aboveground petroleum storage tanks, a garage, pump house, loading rack and office building. All structures and foundations have been removed from the site.

Current Zoning and Land Use: The Doxey site is located within the Garvies Point Redevelopment area and has been zoned Marine Waterfront District 3 as part of the master redevelopment plan. Under the current redevelopment plan the Doxey site will be used as an open area, playground and low sill bulkhead.

Past Use of the Site: From 1938 to 1944, the site was used as a fuel oil storage facility with two aboveground storage tanks (AST) with a capacity of storing 250,000 gallons. From 1944 until 2012, additional structures were added to the site which included garages, office building and a third AST with a storage capacity of 110,000 gallons. In 1996, petroleum storage and distribution ceased and the facility was then used as a storage for junked trucks, automobiles and automobiles parts. In 2012, the City of Glen Cove Industrial Development Agency condemned the property and took possession of the property.

Site Geology and Hydrology: The site is located along the northern shore of Glen Cove Creek. Soils observed at the site are similar to those observed throughout the Garvies Point Road area, the vadose zone consists of silt or silt and fine grained sand, while the saturated zone consists of sand underlain by an extensive and thick peat layer with a clay layer beneath it (observed off-site at 12-to 16-feet below ground surface). Groundwater, which varies with tidal cycles, was encountered at the site between 5.5 and 7.5-feet below ground surface. Regional groundwater flow is in a southerly direction towards Glen Cove Creek.

For More Information

Project documents are available at the following location(s) to help the stay informed.

Glen Cove Library
4 Glen Cove
Glen Cove, NY 11542 Phone: 516-676-2130

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Attn: Division of Environmental Remediation
Attn: Heide-Marie Dudek, PE
625 Broadway - 12th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-2017
Phone: 518-402-981

Who to Contact

Comments and questions are always welcome and should be directed as follows:

Project Related Questions
Heide-Marie Dudek, PE
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation 625 Broadway - 12th Floor
Albany, NY 12233-2017
Phone: 518-402-9813

Site-Related Health Questions
Bridget Boyd
New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Environmental Exposure Investigation
Empire State Plaza, Corning Tower, Room 1787
Albany, NY 12237

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