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Captain's Cove Condominiums State Superfund Site

DEC Site: 130032 - Operable Units: OU1, OU2 and OU3

Documents Related to the Cleanup of this Site

The site is listed as a Class "2" site in the State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites (list of State Superfund sites). A Class 2 site represents a significant threat to public health or the environment, action is required.

Proposed Remedial Action Plan

The proposed remedy for Operable Unit 1 (OU1) and Operable Unit 2 (OU2) is referred to as the Excavation and Backfill remedy and is similar in concept to the remedy evaluated by the Feasibility Study undertaken for the original 1999 ROD for the Captain's Cove Title 3 Superfund Site. This remedy is simply an upgrade to require site-specific soil excavation levels necessary to achieve groundwater standards, as well as to revise the soil cover to the standards identified to allow restricted residential use for the redefined site.

A No Further Action Remedy is proposed for Operable Unit 3 (OU3). As described below under Background, the USEPA completed a Remedial Measure at the OU3 area in 2006. Based on the results of the remedial action at the site, the Department proposed No Further Action with the implementation of Institutional Controls and Environmental controls.

The NYSDEC developed the proposed remedies after reviewing the detailed investigation of the site submitted under New York's State Superfund Program.

Next Steps

NYSDEC will consider public comments as it finalizes the remedy for the site. The selected remedy will be described in a document called a "Record of Decision" that will explain why the remedy was selected and respond to public comments. A detailed design of the selected remedy will then be prepared, and the cleanup will be performed.

NYSDEC will keep the public informed throughout the investigation and cleanup of the site.


Location: The Captain's Cove Condominium site (Site) is located on Garvies Point Road in the City of Glen Cove. A site boundary modification was approved by the Department in March 2016 to incorporate areas of the Li Tungsten USEPA Superfund Site identified as Areas A, A', G and G' into the definition of the Captain's Cove State Superfund (Title 3) Site. The site is located along Glen Cove Creek. Operable Unit 1 (OU1) is the original NYSDEC Title 3 Area and Li Tungsten OU2 Areas A and A'. Operable Unit 2 (OU2) incorporates all Areas of the Captain's Cove parcel which up to now had not been identified as part of the Captain's Cove site. Operable Unit 3 (OU3) is the Ferry Terminal Area, which includes a small portion of the original Title 3 Area and Li Tungsten OU2 Areas E and G. (Figure 1)

Site Features and Current Zoning and Land Use: The site has been cleared of all buildings and foundations and now the City of Glen Cove is currently constructing a Ferry Terminal on the eastern portion of the site which includes the Li Tungsten Areas G and G'. The Ferry Terminal portion of the site is zoned commercial, while the remaining area has been zoned mixed use for restricted residential development.

Past Use of the Site: Historically, the site was used recreationally for boating, fishing, and swimming. Starting in the 1950's a portion of the site turned into a community dump. Municipal wastes, such as garbage, street debris, and yard waste, along with incinerator residues, wastewater treatment plant sludges, construction and demolition (C&D) debris, hazardous wastes

including spent solvents, printing wastes, drums, and Li Tungsten mill tailings were dumped on the site. Disposal continued into the early 1980's. From the 1930's through 1965 the redefined site, the exception of the western end, was also used for the disposal of materials dredged from Glen Cove Creek.

Due to interest in the 1980's in redeveloping the Glen Cove Creek area, the site was the focus of several environmental investigations. These investigations identified metals in the soil exceeding background concentrations. On January 7, 1986, the NYSDEC placed the Captain's Cove Site on the New York State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites (Registry) as a Class 2A site. The site classification was subsequently changed to Class 2 indicating substantial threat to human health or the environment.

The City of Glen Cove, the site owner at the time (Village Green Realty) wastes were placed, signed a Consent Order to perform a Title 3 remedial program to address the hazardous waste disposal. Subsequent to signing the Consent Order, Village Green Realty declared bankruptcy. The City of Glen Cove completed the work under the Consent Order. A Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study were completed in 1999 with the Record of Decision requiring the excavation of waste to industrial/commercial standards signed in March 1999. The City of Glen Cove completed the Remedial Action in 2001.

During the Title 3 Remedial Investigation of the Captains Cove site, the City of Glen Cove identified radiological and metal contamination associated with the Li Tungsten site. The USEPA issued a Record of Decision for the Li Tungsten Operable Unit 2 in 1999 requiring the excavation of the contamination. The USEPA completed the work at Captain's Cove Condominium site in 2006.

In 2009, the City of Glen Cove received Federal Stimulus money to begin the construction of a high speed ferry terminal on the eastern portion of the site. Construction of the new ferry terminal began in 2010 and is scheduled for completion in 2016.

Site Geology and Hydrogeology: The Site is located along the northern shore of Glen Cove Creek. Soils observed at the site are similar to those observed throughout the Garvies Point Road area, the vadose zone consists of silt or silt and fine grained sand, while the saturated zone consists of sand underlain by an extensive and thick peat layer with a clay layer beneath it (observed off-site at 12- to 16-feet below ground surface).

Groundwater, which varies with tidal cycles, was encountered at the site between 7 and 10-feet below ground surface. Regional groundwater flow is in a southerly direction towards Glen Cove Creek.

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