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NetDMR Editing the DMR

After you have created your account and linked your permit(s), you will start to see DMRs show up once you login to NetDMR. Follow the steps below to enter data into the DMRs.

  1. First, login to NetDMR. On the home screen, a set of search criteria are visible. To see all available DMRs, simply click "Search" at the bottom of the page. To search for a particular DMR, select the desired criteria and then click "Search".
  2. Once the search is conducted, a list of DMRs is shown. There are several options you may take. To fill out data required to submit the DMR, select Edit DMR from the drop down list and click "Go".
  3. You will be taken to the Edit DMR page. There are two main sections on this page.
    1. The top of the page displays information about the current DMR. Information shown includes permit ID, permitted feature, permittee information, DMR monitoring period and due date, and fields to enter the principal executive officer's information.
    2. The main section of this page includes fields to enter data into the DMR. This section appears very similar to paper format DMRs. On the left, you will see parameter information and monitoring locations. DMR data is entered in the open fields in the "Quantity or Loading" and "Quality or Concentration" columns. You may only enter data for parameters with text fields. On the right side, there are fields for number of excursions, frequency of analysis, and sample type. The last two fields will be pre-populated.
  4. Enter data into the open text fields for the appropriate parameters. You may keep working until all fields are entered, or you may save your work and continue at a later time.
  5. The bottom of the Edit DMR page has a field to enter any additional comments. You may explain any violations here, enter in an ELAP certification number, or any information you wish the DEC to be informed of.
  6. If there are documents you wish to send along with the DMR, you may attach files at the bottom of the page. Click "Add Attachment." On the following screen, click "Browse" and find the file you wish to attach. Once they are selected, click "Attach File." This attaches your document and takes you back to the Edit page.
  7. Click "Save and Continue" to keep working on the DMR, "Save and Exit" to go back to the home screen, "Sign and Submit" to submit to DEC and EPA a completed DMR.
Scrrenshot showing how to add an attachment to the document

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