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NetDMR Understanding User Roles

In the NetDMR system, DMRs are tied to a valid SPDES Permit-ID. In order to work with a NetDMR, you must first request and then be granted a valid Role for the particular Permit-ID. Based upon this Role, you will be given access to the DMRs.

It is important to understand the levels of access associated with these Roles and to note that they are different from the User Type you selected during the account creation process. User Types define what kind of account you have, but Roles are tied to a particular Permit-ID. Therefore, one User Account may be issued multiple Roles corresponding to multiple Permit-IDs.

User Role Types

  • View: You may only view DMRs.
  • Edit: You may view and edit a DMR. You can make changes to existing data, and/or enter new information.
  • Permit Administrator: You may view existing DMRs - but you cannot edit or add any information. The Permit Administrator decides who will be granted DMR access and who will be denied. The Permit Administrator does this by either granting or denying Role Requests made by other users.
  • Signatory: This is the most privileged Role. A Signatory may view and edit DMRs and has the sole authority to submit a completed form to EPA. The way the NetDMR system is designed, the first person (and only the first) requesting a Role for a particular Permit-ID must request the Signatory Role. You will know if you are the first if 'Signatory' is the only role available. If granted the Signatory Role, this first User will also be given the Permit Administrator Role. Because the Signatory Role carries so much legal liability, the NYSDEC has to approve all Signatory Role Requests; it is the one Role Request that cannot be granted by the Permit Administrator.

Chart showing user's roles and their rights

NetDMR Roles and Levels of Access

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