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Globalfoundaries Fab 8

Type of Facility: Semiconductor Manufacturing

Picture of Global Foundaries Fab 8 facility

Number of Employees: 1,000 or more

Member Since: Entry Tier: 2009

Membership Runs Through: 2018

NYEL Contact: Joel Rouillard, GLOBALFOUNDARIES Fab 8 Environmental Manager

Facility Overview:

GLOBALFOUNDARIES is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world, developing leading-edge semiconductor chips. The company's newest manufacturing campus, called "Fab 8", is located at the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Saratoga County. Construction on the Fab 8 project began in July 2009 and the facility is currently supporting multiple customers on multiple technology platforms, as well as completing construction on additional manufacturing facilities.

Prior to beginning operations, GLOBALFOUNDARIES made commitments to Energy Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. Currently, both of Fab 8's administrative buildings - Admin I and Admin II - have achieved LEED Gold Certification, while the main plant - Fab 8.1 - continues the certification process.

The facility also has a voluntary third party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) in place that drives continuous improvements towards environmental performance.

Sustainability Commitments:

Note: Manufacturing Index = Number of 300mm wafer outs X Aver Mask Layers X Area of wafer

1. Increase Beneficial Reuse Rate of Hazardous Waste to Over 80%

The semiconductor manufacturing process uses large amounts of sulfuric acid to clean the wafers. After use, the sulfuric acid is not clean enough to be reused in the process, but is clean enough to be used for most applications by other facilities. Currently, that sulfuric acid ends up having to be disposed of as hazardous waste, but GLOBALFOUNDARIES plans to identify facilities that are able to reuse it for beneficial reuse, which will significantly lower the amount of hazardous waste generated at Fab 8. This will help GLOBALFOUNDARIES achieve greater than 80% of hazardous waste put towards beneficial reuse.

2. Reduce Water Usage by 1.126 Liters per Manufacturing Index

GLOBALFOUNDARIES will significantly reduce water usage by installing a system to reuse water from the manufacturing process in cooling towers and air scrubbers. In addition, they it will also optimize tools to use as little water as possible, and also ensure that all new tools purchased meet strict water efficiency standards.

3. Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions by .172 kg of Carbon Equivalent per Manufacturing Index

The semiconductor manufacturing process uses per-fluorinated chemicals (PFCs) to clean tool chambers. PCF gasses have high global warming potential when released to the atmosphere unabated. In order to minimize the amount of PCFs released, GLOBALFOUNDARIES will update and increase the performance of abatement equipment to minimize downtime and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Reduce Electricity Usage by .1135 kWh per Manufacturing Index

GLOBALFOUNDARIES will reduce electricity usage by installing LED lighting, installing variable speed drives on equipment, and by commissioning equipment to operate as efficiently as possible.

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