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Highland Plaza

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DEC is accepting written comments about the proposed cleanup plan for 30 days, from July 20 through August 20, 2015.

Digital Files

Below is an abbreviated version of work plans in PDF form for download. To view the complete document, please contact DEC or visit the document repositories listed under Where to Find Information.


Location: The Highland Plaza BCP Site consists of approximately 0.7 acres at 215 Highland Parkway in the Town of Tonawanda, Erie County. The site is bounded by Highland Parkway to the north, commercial property to the east, a service road and residential properties to the south, and a former Getty Service Station and Colvin Boulevard to the west.

Site Features: The site is approximately 250 feet long by 100 feet wide. The site gently slopes northward toward Highland Parkway. Approximately 50% of the property is occupied by a strip plaza, with the northern half of the property covered by an asphalt parking lot. The building is presently subdivided into nine commercial businesses.

Current Zoning/Land Use: The site is occupied by a strip plaza, and is zoned for commercial use. The proposed future use of the site is commercial. The site is located in a mixed residential and commercial area of the Town of Tonawanda. The nearest residential property is located about 65 feet south of the BCP site.

Historic Use: In 1928 the site was not developed, although the property was subdivided into 17 parcels for future residential development. By 1950 the site was fully developed into a strip plaza. One of the former tenants in the plaza was High Park Dry Cleaners, which closed in March 2010.

In 2014, a Phase II Environmental Site Investigation (ESI) was completed to evaluate the property. During the ESI twelve soil borings were completed throughout the property. In addition, a soil vapor intrusion study was completed in the former dry cleaner tenant space.

Soil samples collected from under the concrete floor of the former dry cleaner contained Cis-1,2-dichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, and trichloroethene. Surface soil samples contained tetrachloroethene. Soil vapor contained elevated concentrations of dichloroethene, tetrachloroethene, and trichloroethene.

Geology and Hydrogeology: The majority of the site is underlain by either 1 foot of asphalt and crushed stone (the parking lot area) or 0.5 feet of concrete (building area) with the exception of a narrow strip of soil/grass, south of the plaza structure.

Native soils consist of reddish brown silty clay that is very dense. This unit has a very low permeability (meaning that groundwater cannot easily move through it). The thickness of this unit is unknown, but is greater than 11 feet.

Groundwater was generally not encountered in the soil borings that were completed during the Phase II ESI. Groundwater was encountered in one of three temporary wells, but depth to groundwater was not measured. Groundwater flow direction is not known.

Brownfield Cleanup Program

New York's BCP encourages the voluntary cleanup of contaminated properties known as "brownfields" so that they can be reused and redeveloped. These uses include recreation, housing, business or other uses. A brownfield is any real property that is difficult to reuse or redevelop because of the presence or potential presence of contamination. For more information about the BCP, visit DEC's website.

Where to Find Information

Public interest in this project is valued and appreciated. Project documents are available at the following location to help the public stay informed. You may also view electronic versions of project documents in the Digital Files section above (if available). Large documents may be abbreviated to meet DEC's file size requirements for posting to the website. Hard copies of full project documents are available at the listed locations.

Kenmore Public Library
160 Delaware Avenue
Kenmore, NY 14217

Who to Contact

Comments and questions are always welcome and should be directed as follows:

Project Related Questions
Glenn May
Division of Environmental Remediation
270 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14203

Site-Related Health Questions
Brad Wenskoski
Empire State Plaza Corning Tower
Albany, NY 12237
(518) 402-7880

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