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Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack

Location: 5857 Route 96, Farmington, NY 14425

Photo of Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack

Type of Facility: Electronic Gaming and Horse Racing

Number of Employees: 500-1,000

Member Since: 2015

Membership runs Through: 2018

NYEL Contact: Anthony DeFranco

Facility Overview:

Delaware North operates Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack, a full service venue featuring horse racing, electronic gaming, multiple restaurant options, and entertainment that attracts nearly 2 million visitors a year.

The facility has demonstrated their commitment to sustainable operations and being a good environmental neighbor by converting their parking lot lighting to energy efficient LEDs, upgrading their walk-in freezers/coolers to make them more energy efficient, and increased their recycling rate by 9% from 2008 to 2013. In addition, the facility hosts four e-waste recycling days annually that allow the community to properly dispose of old electronics.

The facility has a functioning certified ISO 14001 environmental management system that has been in place since 2009.

Sustainability Commitments:

1. Reduce Food Waste by 50 tons per Year by 2017

Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack will decrease the amount of food waste generated in their kitchens by over 20% by 2017. They will accomplish this by introducing a new system called LeanPath, which tracks food waste that leaves the facility. LeanPath works by having employees place all pre-consumer food waste items on a scale to weight it, then takes a picture of it, and the employee enters information on a tablet about the food waste. In pilot programs at other facilities, Delaware North has found that this program decreases food waste by about 20%.

2. Divert 185 Tons of Food Waste from Landfills per Year by 2017

The facility will divert all of their food waste from landfills, and into composting facilities, by 2017. Food waste is one of the largest environmental issues facing the hospitality sector and sending food waste to composting facilities ensures that it is either is broken down to become mulch or fertilizer, or used to create renewable biogas in an anabolic digester. By tackling this issue head on Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack will pave a path forward for other entities in the greater Rochester/Finger Lakes region to follow their lead and divert their food waste as well.

3. Reduce Amount of Kitchen Oil Used by 20,285 lbs. per Year by 2017

The facility will utilize a new technology that filters the oil used in their fryers to allow it to be used longer. This will decrease the amount of fry oil used by 30%. Not only will this improvement decrease the amount of fry oil needed, but it will decrease greenhouse gas emissions associated with trucking the used oil to a recycling facility.

4. Reduce Energy Usage by 24,000 kWh a Year

The facility will retrofit 15 of their walk-in coolers and freezers with more efficient fans and controllers. These will make it so that the fan speeds will slow down when the compressors are not on, increasing the overall efficiency of the units by 30%.

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